The zdi gurus

Success stories from the MINT promotion of young talent in NRW - Take first place in the zdi robot competition? Present your own invention on the TV show “The Lion's Den”? Installing solar systems with zdi in Zambia? Or take part in the world finals of the RoboCup in Sydney? Our zdi gurus experienced it - thank zdi!

zdi gurus are young men and women who discovered their enthusiasm for the STEM field with zdi and are now passing this enthusiasm on to the next generation of STEM. There are committed teachers and entrepreneurs who work with the regional zdi networks to offer young people excellent practical career and study orientation. And employees in zdi student laboratories and coordinators of the zdi networks are zdi gurus, too, because they encourage young people in their passion for STEM every day and make NRW fit for the challenges of the future. Because a future without zdi and without MINT is unthinkable!

Commitment and passion for everything that has to do with zdi and STEM – that is what the zdi gurus embody. They are role models for the next generation of inventors, researchers and MINT makers.

We followed some of the zdi gurus with our cameras for a day and tell their stories here on the zdi portal. Others share their story in the zdi guru profile on Instagram & Co. 

The focus is on the experiences of the zdi gurus: What have the gurus already experienced with zdi? When did the zdi gurus discover their passion for STEM? And what exciting zdi projects are there? One thing is certain: there is a lot to discover in the zdi cosmos!

The stories of the zdi gurus can be found on the zdi YouTube channel mintvlogger, on Instagram (@mintblogger) and of course here on the zdi portal.

And now, curtain up for the zdi gurus!

Physically demanding, intellectually undemanding and not for girls and young women - the craft is still prejudiced in 2021. zdi guru Anne Kleine-Berkenbusch knows very well that these prejudices have nothing to do with reality. That is why she is actively committed to clearing it up - in close cooperation with the zdi center for the district of Steinfurt. As a MINT sponsor, at MINT rallies, as a trainer and as a mother. We spent a day visiting the entrepreneur at her Bäumer sanitary & heating company in the Steinfurt district. Also present: Linda Wiechers from zdi-Zentrum Kreis Steinfurt and Niklas Schouwink, trainee at Bäumer. Click here to contribute.