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Dear STEM enthusiasts,

The network of zdi.NRW is constantly growing - currently more than 100 student laboratories are part of the network. Very different people from education, business, science and politics come together with the aim of arousing enthusiasm for mathematics, IT, natural sciences and technology.

We would like to let the voices of this diverse community have their say on our channels throughout 2023. For this we need your help! Thanks to a zdi course, you have decided on a STEM profession or degree? Your heart beats for MINT topics and you would like to pass on this enthusiasm?

Then we would be happy if you fill out the questionnaire and the attached photo and film consent form. The contents of the questionnaire are prepared for our various channels. Contributions with photos, short videos or in pure text form are possible. The publication can take place (also in excerpts) on one or more of these channels:

zdi community: mint-community.de
zdi portal: zdi-portal.de
zdi newsletter: zdi-portal.de/newsletter
Instagram: @mintblogger
YouTube: @mintvlogger
Twitter: @zdiNRW
LinkedIn: zdi.NRW | Future through innovation
tik tok: @mintblogger

zdi stands for "Future through Innovation.NRW" and, with over 5.000 partners from business, schools and universities, is Europe's largest network for the promotion of young STEM students. With 47 zdi networks and over 100 zdi student laboratories in NRW, we offer children and young people practical insights into the STEM field with courses, workshops and projects. zdi is coordinated by the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of Culture and Science. State-wide partners include the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Economics and the Regional Directorate of North Rhine-Westphalia of the Federal Employment Agency.

For more information visit www.zdi-portal.de.

If you agree that your details can be published as a testimonial, we will send you a declaration of consent by email.