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Diverse event formats

zdi.NRW organizes a state-wide zdi community event at regular intervals. We offer a platform for exchange and networking within and outside the zdi community. The event format can be quite different and took place both online and offline. The zdi community event as a zdi forum was already part of a state-wide congress on the subject of "MINT education in NRW" organized jointly by the education and science ministries. In the BarCamp format, the participants develop ideas together. Keynote speeches on community-relevant topics provide inspiration. In the “Create MINT” hackathon, specific questions are dealt with. Above all, the focus is on one thing: offering the nationwide zdi community the opportunity to exchange ideas.


“Use the power of the network!” – Together for the future of extracurricular MINT education in NRW

Exchange, network, impulses: this was the motto of this year's zdi community event. The evening before, there was a lively exchange between the actors from the various zdi networks and student laboratories at the get-together on the roof terrace of the Flowers Hotel in Essen.

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zdi youth advisory board reports on the community event

Anna-Marie from the zdi youth advisory board was also at the zdi community event and reported on her impressions and experiences.

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The zdi community event 2022 - Which trends are moving the STEM community?

The visitors of the zdi community event were able to give each other tips, exchange experiences and advise each other. For example, there were very practical questions such as: Which soldering irons are best suited for building a lightsaber?

Many new impulses for existing and future projects and cooperations were also given. In her keynote speeches, Dr. Ulrich C. Gerth and Guido Lohnherr on the future topic of bioeconomy and the core tasks of the zdi networks.

The visitors of the zdi community event are happy to finally be able to network personally again.


The zdi-BarCamp 2021 - future visions, digitality and good STEM work for girls

At the end of August 2021, more than 60 representatives from the zdi community met in the digital space for the 4th zdi BarCamp. Discussing, exchanging ideas, networking and learning from each other - the coming together of the zdi community is more important than ever in the current pandemic. This time there was a new format with CreateMINT, which was based on a hackathon.


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The summer interview with State Secretary Klaus Kaiser premiered at zdi-BarCamp 2021.


First digital zdi BarCamp: hygiene concepts, new digital approaches and financing

For the first time, the annual zdi-BarCamp took place digitally: Over 80 representatives from the zdi community discussed the MINT promotion of young talent in NRW.

This makes the digital zdi BarCamp the largest online BarCamp to date on the subject of promoting young MINT talent in NRW. Above all, the possibilities of digital cooperation with schools as well as with companies and other partners in order to offer children and young people exciting MINT offers were discussed.


zdi meets LeLa Conference 2019: School labs shape the future 

For two days, representatives from all over Germany discussed in Paderborn in mid-March how school laboratories can enable children and young people to shape their own future. 

The was organized 14th LeLa Annual Meeting (LeLa, short for LernortLabor - Bundesverband der Schülerlabore eV), the nationwide conference of student laboratories, in cooperation with zdi.NRW and the regional zdi actors in Paderborn. 


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#MINT: 1st zdi BarCamp in Neuss  

What is zdi doing in space? How digital is zdi.NRW already and what opportunities and challenges does this entail for STEM education? At the beginning of 2018, the zdi community discussed current topics in the promotion of STEM young people at the 1st zdi BarCamp in Neuss.  


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