Tender for “Media Resonance Analysis” for zdi.NRW

A group of people hold a network made of a red thread with the letters zdi on it.

The client (matrix GmbH & Co. KG) acts as a state office for the joint initiative Future through Innovation.NRW (zdi.NRW) (http://www.zdi-portal.de) for the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia. In this role, the client is responsible for press and communications work for zdi.NRW. In order to record the response of media articles that contain and discuss zdi.NRW as a term, a media response analysis should be advertised.

The way zdi communication works has changed in recent years: social media channels and online media are increasingly used, messages are interlinked on different online channels and the classic press release and its print in print media are used far less. Most of the reporting takes place online. A future media response analysis should be able to reflect this change in the way we work in the communications sector and show the ways in which the zdi state office and the zdi networks/zdi student laboratories inform the public today.

Media clipping including media resonance analysis is being tendered for the zdi.NRW project. The cross-media evaluation is intended to record media reports in online and print media as well as in social media channels and enable a holistic view.

Planned term of the contract is by 23.03.2024 to 31.12.2024 with the option of a one-year extension (until the end of 2025).

The estimated total value is less than €10.000 per year (excluding VAT).

Questions about the tender can only be sent by email paul@matrix-gmbh.de be directed. Bidding questions are until February 20.02.2024, 20, XNUMX p.m., authorized. The answers to the questions will then be anonymized on February 22.02.2024, XNUMX here on this page published.

The details of the contractor's service modules and the timing of the procedure can be found in the tender documents: