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December 10, 2020:
MINT meets culture: Why MINT knowledge is becoming increasingly important for creative artists and artists

December 01, 2020:
From science to school: zdi networks build CO2 traffic lights for classrooms

November 24, 2020:
The Science Video Awards winners: fusion power, black holes, lion number and of course Corona

November 19, 2020:
Robotics courses for students and teachers: register now via the zdi community platform!

October 28, 2020:
Start of the MINT community NRW: Social media platform for zdi actors*innen and MINT young people goes online

October 08, 2020:
Research and discovery at zdi: the autumn holidays begin with International Day of the Girl

October 01, 2020:
Together for MINT and girls in NRW: zdi community shows their zdi heroines in October

24. September 2020:
Opening of the zdi school laboratory F.LUX – State Secretary Kaiser appreciates the commitment of the partners: “practical and sustainably designed zdi school laboratory”

16. September 2020:
MINT career and study orientation celebrates anniversary: ​​400.000th participant comes from Gelsenkirchen

11. September 2020:
Opening of the zdi school laboratory Green FabLab: State Secretary Kaiser pleased with the funding of sustainability issues in extracurricular education

July 30, 2020:
zdi goes online: Exciting digital holiday offers lure / NRW State Secretary Kaiser in virtual escape room

July 09, 2020:
Science Video Award 2020 – Submit videos about science and technology now!

June 30, 2020:
At the first digital zdi BarCamp, the zdi community discusses the promotion of young MINT talent in NRW

June 18, 2020:
Research and understand with zdi: On-site and online courses ensure MINT enthusiasm during the summer holidays

June 16, 2020:
With a hygiene concept against the Corona crisis Finally zdi courses on site for young people again

June 09, 2020:
Corona survey: zdi community in NRW takes a critical view of the future - concern about declining commitment

19. May 2020:
zdi@home: Digital offers for MINT promotion for children and young people in NRW

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