PhenomexX concept for student labs

For more than 10 years, the association PhänomexX e. V. successful student laboratory offers in the regions of the Münsterland. zdi.NRW and PhänomexX have been cooperating since 2017 with the aim of making the excellent didactic concept accessible at other locations in the Münsterland and beyond in other regions of NRW. especially the Target group of grades 3 to 7 is extremely interesting for zdi.NRW, since the offers often do not reach this age group sufficiently.


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What is important if we want to get students interested in MINT in the exciting transition phase from primary to secondary school? PhänomexX has developed a highly interesting concept for student laboratories here and is very popular in the Münster administrative district.

What are the special features of the PhenomexX concept?

PhänomexX stands for a concept of extracurricular learning locations that invite you to discover and research scientific phenomena with experimental stations and changing focal points. The offers are designed to be closely linked to the curricula and are primarily aimed at schoolchildren in grades 3 to 7. There is no comparable offer for children in this interesting transitional area between primary school and secondary school. An important part of the concept is also mandatory training for teachers to visit the learning stations.

Background information

This presentation contains all information about the zdi-PhänomexX concept:


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Exciting for all MINT teachers and students from the 4th to the 6th grade: Our cooperation partner PhänomexX eV offers 30 experimental stations for discovery and research in Ahlen and other locations in the Münsterland - all on the topic of "shaping the future sustainably “.

Learning stations and content to match the curriculum

Weather, Climate, CO2, sound and music, electric power - the topics are based on the curricula of general studies, biology, chemistry and physics. They are presented as learning stations, the conception of which, in addition to technical content, also takes into account subject-specific and interdisciplinary skills and abilities, such as handling experimental equipment when setting up the experiment, precise observation, guessing and comparing, formulating hypotheses, etc.

For each learning station topic there is a specially developed researcher's booklet that accompanies you through the stations. There is also a station card for each station. This briefly explains the experiment in terms of instructions and is supplemented by a tip card if necessary. In teams of two, the students carry out the experiments independently and write down their observations in the research notebook. They formulate their first attempts at written explanations, which are then verified or falsified by the work that follows in class. The work on site at the learning stations takes one morning, the very important preparation and follow-up work takes place in the school.

How do PhänomexX e. V. and the zdi regional office being set up?

The association PhenomexX…

  • ...offers his concept for free use.
  • ...provides learning stations - the learning stations each deal with a main topic that can be exchanged with other locations every year.
  • ...offers to design and distribute researcher's booklets.
  • …advises on didactic and content-related as well as organizational questions regarding the operation of a PhänomexX laboratory.

The zdi regional office…

  • ...finances the production of learning stations in new regions (outside the administrative district of Münster) to a limited extent.
  • ...supports in finding individual, regional solutions.
  • ...helps to contact other financing partners.
  • ... examines funding opportunities with you.
  • at your side from the idea to the opening in an advisory capacity.


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