youth advisory board

All young people and young adults from the age of 13 who come from NRW and are interested in zdi.NRW and MINT can participate in the youth advisory board.

In the regular meetings, they develop their own course concepts, get involved in zdi.NRW and ensure the participation that zdi.NRW is all about. You can also become active as a youth reporter for zdi.NRW and share your passion for MINT with others.

If you would like to advise us on the further development of zdi.NRW, the community platform, new courses/workshops or our social media presence, please get in touch. We look forward to your input, your assessments, your opinion. 

We have summarized the most important things for you:


The photo shows Isabell Stollenwerk, a woman with long blond hair and glasses.

Isabell Stollenwerk