strategy circle

A special feature of zdi lies in the diversity and heterogeneity of the regional solutions for the promotion of young STEM students. At zdi there isn't the one Solution that all regions must adopt. Rather, each regional zdi network finds its own way and structure to deal with this topic.  

In order to be able to do justice to the diverse approaches of the regions, the NRW Ministry of Science is dependent on dialogue with zdi networks. 

This is the strategy circle 

The strategy group founded in 2014 supports and advises the Ministry of Science and the state office in order to further develop the joint offensive "Future through Innovation" in the long term. It offers an opportunity for professional exchange and the development of new strategies and ideas in order to launch joint projects and initiatives. It is made up of representatives from supporting organizations and central partners from 16 regional zdi networks.

The zdi strategy group is currently composed as follows:

  • Christoph Bruenger, Managing Director of the business area location policy, business start-ups and business development of the SIHK (zdi network Ennepe-Ruhr district and zdi center technik_mark) 
  • Brigitte Capune Kitka, zdi center ANTalive in Düren 
  • Norbert Dohms, Managing Director of MINT-Bildung Ruhr/Vest gGmbH (zdi network MINT.BOchum, zdi network MINT.Herne and zdi network MINT.REgio) 
  • dr Jurgen Gruener, managing director of the wfc business development for the district of Coesfeld GmbH 
  • Prof. Dr. Uwe Handmann, University of Applied Sciences Ruhr-West 
  • Anke Koster, head of the education office Oberbergischer Kreis 
  • Axel Tillmanns, team leader and board member of the MGconnect Foundation at the Mönchengladbach Economic Development Agency
  • Kai Sterzenbach, Managing Director Learning Region – Network Cologne eV 
  • Prof. Dr. Catherine Temmen, head of the technical didactics department at the University of Paderborn
At the strategy group meeting in June 2022 (from left to right): Birgit Neyer (former member), Mike Richrath (MSB NRW), Brigitte Timmer (MKW NRW), Nobert Dohms, Brigitte Capune-Kitka, Dr. Kathrin Temmen, Anja Schmiedecke (RD NRW of the BA), Markus Rempe (former member), Prof. Dr. Uwe Handmann, Georg Mertens (MKW NRW)

That's what the strategy group does

The role and tasks of the strategy group are clearly defined: 

Advising the zdi state office and the NRW Ministry of Science (MKW NRW) on overarching, strategic issues that affect all zdi networks in NRW.

Formulation and regular review or further development of the common self-image of the zdi community and its external representation with a unified voice.

The zdi strategy group is aware that it does not have the mandate to speak for all zdi networks. Nevertheless, the need is seen to bundle the wishes and interests of the zdi networks in NRW and to communicate them to the outside world in a uniform manner in regional and specialist networks.