At regular intervals, the zdi newsletter provides information about current offers and developments relating to young STEM students in NRW.

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zdi News issues 2023

The picture shows the cover of the first newsletter 2023 and the three main topics: zdi annual topic 2023: sustainable energy management; Film: Science transfer in the upper school; Science League started
The picture shows the cover of the current newsletter with the three headlines: "Mayge MINT be with you!", "zdi.NRW at the future day in the state parliament" and "6 tips for MINT girls' work". There is also the heading zdi.NEWS and the note 2nd Edition 2023.
The graphic shows the cover of the 3rd edition 2023 of zdi.News. The topics are: robot competition and science league final, zdi science league jury talks, new zdi student laboratory in Dülmen.
The graphic shows the cover of the 4th edition 2023 of zdi.News. The headlines are: The summer holidays at zdi.NRW: A review; The zdi community event: We look forward to seeing you! and zdi.NRW gets you ready for Industry 4.0. The lettering zdi-Sommerferienrückblich can be read on the cover graphic. Below you can see wind turbines, a green meadow and trees. A female superhero flies through the sky, a man flies a drone and a child plays with a rocket.

zdi News issues 2022

zdi newsletter 4th edition 2022. Topics: The zdi holiday summer, KReate Future 2022 and trends in biotechnology

zdi News issues 2021

zdi News issues 2020