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research up close

In zdi student laboratories, children and young people experience natural sciences and technology up close, because they experiment under almost professional conditions. This gives them a realistic insight into scientific research, but also into crafts and industry. 

zdi students: internal laboratory Kleve

On the STEM community platform you will find an overview of all zdi student laboratories in NRW on the NRW map.

What is a zdi student laboratory?

A zdi student laboratory is a (extra) school place of learning in the MINTplus area, i.e. going beyond the pure MINT subjects. It is designed as an experimental (self-)learning environment with laboratory character. The offers are particularly highly qualified in terms of subject matter and didactics. Mobile MINT offers can also be zdi student laboratories.   

Explained in detail: The work in the zdi student laboratory

The courses offered should be carried out practically and with comprehensible results and at the same time be demanding in implementation and promote an open outcome that also takes into account the risk of failure. In doing so, an introduction to scientific work and investigations into decisive cause-effect relationships should take place.

The offers can have interfaces to the regular lessons and supplement them systematically. In addition to technical interfaces, the cross-cutting issues of the UN sustainability goals (e.g. via ESD) and career and study orientation in the sense of KAoA must be taken into account.

In addition to fixed courses, it is also up to each student laboratory to create open offers in which the participants can bring and realize their own projects. Each student laboratory defines for itself which target group it wants to reach. In addition to courses for young people, further training for teachers and other offers are conceivable and desirable.

"In the zdi student laboratories, children and young people can try out practical experiments and be inspired by MINT. The spectrum of offers ranges from astronomy to DNA analysis to robotics.” 

The conditions

The student laboratory offers at least 40 opening days per year (calendar or school year). It cooperates with at least 1 zdi network as well as with at least 1 university or 1 company that offers dual studies. It also carries out a systematic survey of participants and takes part in the monitoring and evaluation of the zdi regional office (both in programming).

A transitional regulation applies for 2022. From the calendar year 2023, the above criteria will be mandatory.

The following requirements must be met:

opening days

At least 40 a year.


Cooperation with at least one zdi network and a university or company that offers dual studies.


Systematic participant survey and participation in the monitoring of zdi.NRW.

Advantages for zdi students: indoor laboratories: Offers from the zdi regional office

Anyone who is involved as a zdi student laboratory has exclusive access to offers from the zdi regional office.

Access to the MINT community platform NRW

  • Use of the platform as a place for exchange and communication
  • Access to the funding guide of the zdi regional office
  • Booking tool for courses and rental materials
  • Evaluation tools and automated evaluations of the courses (in programming)
  • Learning Management System (in programming)
  • And much more planned!

Access to the zdi Academy

The zdi Academy offers Regular training opportunities for employees in zdi networks, zdi student laboratories and their partners. That's enough thematically free offer from seminars on organization to acquisition training and media seminars.
Do you have any suggestions for new topics or new formats? We are happy to take your wishes and try to offer them to the best of our knowledge!

Federal Association of Student Laboratories LernortLabor e. V

Via the zdi regional office Membership in the Federal Association of Student Laboratories LernortLabor e. V. (LeLa) and thus the Possibility, offers and services of LeLa (e.g. LeLa insurance for student laboratories).

Exclusive networking events

Besides BarCamp and Online exchange, networking events in various formats, e.g. B. Nerd Nite (in planning). Do you have an idea for a networking format? Contact us! Maybe we can do something together.

visibility and reach

zdi.NRW supports the event marketing of the learning locations. We promote your course offerings and highlights on social media or other event platforms, as well as on the STEM community platform.

PhänomexX – concept for expanding your own portfolio of offers

PhenomexX stands for one Concept of extracurricular places of learning, With the experimental stations and changing themes to discover and research scientific phenomena. The offers are designed in close connection with the curricula and are primarily aimed at Pupils in grades 3 to 7.
The PhänomexX concept offers a successful opportunity, for example, to prepare student teachers for their teaching career in a practical environment.
Have we piqued your interest? Learn more on the PhämonexX-zdi subpage..

Individualized advice and supervision

Of course, we would also like to offer you, as a student laboratory, the advisory skills of the zdi regional office. Would you like to set up your laboratory strategically differently, or do you have a critical problem and would you like help from other student laboratories?

more details

All information can also be found in our Presentation zdi students: indoor laboratories.


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