Background information

zdi.NRW: A success story from North Rhine-Westphalia

Our vision

Mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology - MINT for short - can be used to explain and shape a lot in the world. In view of key challenges such as decarbonization, digitization, demographics and democracy, STEM education is one of the most important levers for science, business, politics and society. With the joint offensive zdi.NRW we are making a contribution to overcoming these challenges.

Our mission

We inspire young people along the entire educational chain with attractive offers for MINT.
We achieve young people by putting MINT in real-life contexts and including other perspectives (MINTplus).
We network Science, business, school, university, politics and society and create a bridge between school and extracurricular actors: inside.
We translate current findings from science and (top) research and make them available so that they become the basis of (critical) thinking and acting (science(s) transformation).
We support in the zdi-BSO-MINT program an in-depth career and study orientation.
We strengthen the business and employment location of NRW by helping to ensure that more young
People are interested in studying or training in the STEM field and companies have access to talented people
MINT junior specialists received.
We activate with the state funds used, a multiple of private and public resources on site.
We promote especially girls and young women in the MINT field.
We go ahead, by constantly evolving and opening up new target groups and subject areas.

The common goals of the zdi partners are:

  • Attracting more young people to STEM studies or STEM training
  • As a result: Long-term securing of young STEM students at regional level
  • Early introduction of young people to socially relevant topics via MINT approaches, such as resource conservation, climate change, energy supply and poverty reduction
  • Transfer of current research knowledge to the general public, especially in the everyday reality of young people
  • Development of humanities and social science subjects for MINT topics

In addition, zdi pursues the goal of promoting the talents of as many young people as possible and thus making a contribution to educational equity and permeability in the education system.

At zdi, there are offers that are very close to teaching as well as those that are clearly distinguishable from them. This diversity is a great advantage for zdi's work and helps to reach as many young people and children as possible.

In addition, many zdi measures are intended to support trainers, teachers and universities in making their work even more attractive, varied and practical.

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