Art and culture - two disciplines in which the scientific and technical phenomena are not expected at first glance. Or does it? Numerous projects in North Rhine-Westphalia show how important STEM has become for art and culture.

A selection of offers from the zdi community with a creative or cultural background are presented for you on this page:

zdi network Aachen & district of Heinsberg

Computational linguistics

At the beginning of the workshop, the participants approach the concepts of language and text. In group work, they create language automata and work out various aspects of textuality in order to arrive at a common definition. They then learn about emotions in language: How are they recognized by people? How can you describe that linguistically? How can computers do that? Then, in group work, she develops ideas for identifying emotions in written texts and in spoken language. 

zdi center ANTalive eV

Youth shape structural change

In the “Youth Shapes Structural Change” project, project groups and working groups on the topic of structural change should be initiated at general schools in the 2021/22 school year. The target group were high school students from the participating schools in the Rhenish district. The focus of the work in the project groups was on the topics of “Energy and Industry”, “Space, Infrastructure and Mobility”, “Resources and Agribusiness” and “Innovation and Education”. From these topic areas, the students chose a special subtopic that particularly interested them and that they wanted to work on. The results of the individual working groups were published at the end of the school year and awarded at a final event. Project

zdi network MINT Düsseldorf

From old to new

A wallet made from Tetra Pak, a flower vase or a pencil holder made from a pickle jar: with a lot of fun and creativity, this workshop gives packaging a new meaning and gives new life to old things. The students also recognize material cycles and think about resource conservation. This starts with collecting the materials in preparation at home. This is about sustainability, upcycling and recycling. And at the end everything can be taken home and explained to parents and friends.

MINTart: sound graffiti

In the workshop, the students immerse themselves in the world of street art - what is street art? How is graffiti created? What do they mean? Then it gets musical. What can graffiti sound like? What music fits the theme of the picture? Under guidance, the students develop their own ideas for sound graffiti. They will also learn about the SonicPi programming software. At the end of the workshop, they have composed their own sound graffiti - a picture or sculpture, backed by music they have composed and programmed.

zdi network Ennepe-Ruhr

Witten Science Slam

At the Witten Science Slam, high school students from Witten can show that scientific topics are anything but boring. They present their specialist work or projects in the areas of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology (MINT subjects) in an understandable and entertaining way.

zdi center per MINT GT district of Gütersloh

zdi student laboratory “Digital Media”

Digital media is now used by all children and young people. The introduction of cell phones and tablets into the lives of these groups has become the norm. However, the reflective and meaningful use of these media is generally not yet possible. This results in the need to see the use of digital media as part of social learning, which can be carried out through projects and educational work by the zdi “Digital Media” laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with digital media (software and hardware) in the areas of photography and film.

Course series 3D drawing on the computer (CAD) and 3D printing

The topic of 3D printing is on everyone’s lips. Three-dimensional models, which are previously constructed on the computer according to your own ideas and wishes, can be printed here layer by layer. This relatively simple manufacturing process will result in profound economic and social changes. For this reason, the zdi center pro MINT GT has purchased two mobile 3D printers, whose capabilities can already be used to enrich lessons in various subjects. 

zdi network MINT.HERne

Audio technology in the recording studio – listening, recording and playback

With the right recording technology, processing and playback, we can immerse ourselves in virtual acoustic worlds. The project shows students how our hearing works and how we can use this knowledge to create real or synthetic acoustic worlds with the right technology. In the first part of the project, participants learn how audio signals are recorded and further processed to achieve the desired effect. Such cutting-edge technologies should not be neglected: in the second part, the students deal with acoustics and modern fields of application. In particular, we will discuss how the cloud streaming service Spotify™ uses properties of music to expand the user experience. As an outlook, Spotify™ is used to show how music can be generated artificially.

zdi center Lippe.MINT in cooperation with Rapschool NRW

MINT training in Lippe on YouTube

The zdi Center Lippe.MINT project has already published a series of films about MINT education in Lippe in collaboration with Rapschool NRW. The special thing about these films is that students can show the training from their own perspective. The young people direct the film themselves, operate the cameras and edit the film. The professional equipment and practical tips come from Daniel Schneider from Rapschool NRW. 

zdi network: MINT in the Rhein-Sieg district

CAD – from your own drawing to the model

In this course, students gain their first experiences and implement their own creative design into a model made of Styrofoam. To do this, they design their own lettering or a silhouette using a drawing program on the computer. The design is sent to a Styrofoam cutting machine, which automatically cuts the exact model constructed by the students from a piece of Styrofoam. The Styrofoam models can be taken home with you.

Colorful with career orientation

In the workshop at the German Museum Bonn, gray theory becomes a colorful event: Why does a silver CD produce colored light reflections? In addition to the physical principles of color, the focus is on the chemical separation of mixtures. The results of an investigation into various dyes, during which the students also learn which food colors are suitable for dyeing eggs, enable the analysis of an unknown color sample.

zdi center BeST Bergisches Schul-Technikum

Take your time - Design and make your own watch

Your own wall clock, table clock or sundial under the guidance of the dedicated workshop instructors from the Technical Vocational College in Solingen and the Solingen-based stainless steel manufacturer Vogel-Bauer. The participants can use turning, milling, filing, sawing, drilling, welding, plasma cutting, soldering, grinding, painting and other manufacturing processes independently after a short briefing and safety briefing. After completing the course, they can take the finished designer watches home with them, consisting of a finished movement, stainless steel sheets from Vogel-Bauer and their own selection of other materials! 

Hand tool camera and video technology

In order to produce a good short film, you need not only creative skills, but above all knowledge of professional camera and video technology. In this course, participants are introduced to the most important basics. In the field of photography, for example, the correct setting of aperture, focal length, exposure time and iso/gain is part of it. The professional sound recording of films with the help of microphone and recording device and how a recording process is skilfully controlled is also explained. Your own clips can be cut with professional software and appropriate corrections can be made.