zdi community platform

MINT-Community.de is the exchange platform for all science enthusiasts in NRW. Groups related to drone construction, the robot club and the programming group, as well as space fans, meet here. Together with the zdi networks, you can start courses and projects in your region and experience science (especially MINT, of course) up close. 

The graphic shows the new logo of the zdi community platform. It features a dark blue C that fades into an orange P. Next to it is zdi.NRW Community Platform written in gray and dark blue

The existing courses offered by the nationwide STEM networks is bundled here in parts to zdi actors and MINT offspring among and with each other network. The diverse offerings of the nationwide zdi networks and zdi student laboratories are the heart of zdi.NRW, because this is where young people interested in MINT come together in NRW. 

STEM courses

In zdi courses you will learn about programming languages ​​or work on game design and robots. You will learn how you can ensure more sustainability with environmental technology and 3D printing or find out how much MINT there is in film, photography and sound technology. Because with zdi.NRW you can experience MINT first hand in courses or start your own project. Become part of communities around drone construction, robot clubs, programming groups or space travel.

STEM CV & collect points

Collect digital badges for your MINT CV, receive experience points and level up. In zdi courses you can gain MINT knowledge for your future and get to know different professions. This is reflected in your digital badges. These will then be saved in your CV, which you can later use for applications.

A woman points to a map on a smartphone. The image is symbolic of the zdi community platform.

Privacy & Transparency

The platform is safe and ad-free. You can exchange ideas about MINT in closed groups. We protect your personal data particularly on the platform. We only request data that is really necessary and only use it anonymously for statistics to improve the platform.

cool gadgets

You can choose the name of your favorite scientist. To help you make your choice, we have summarized the most important information about over 200 scientific greats. Organize your working groups and MINT groups digitally and easily. Regardless of whether it is preparation for the zdi robot competition, team organization around the zdi Science League or for a project related to environmental technology. Or create your own avatars, level up and prove your STEM skills.

Are you looking for MINT courses in your region?

You can find all courses on the zdi community platform!