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The MINT book club provides tips for reading aloud and reading by yourself. Everyone who is looking for new reading material that deals with MINT topics - sometimes in passing, sometimes very present - will find what they are looking for here.

The MINT book club is also available on the zdi community platform. There you can exchange ideas directly about the newly found reading material.

Why is reading important?

STEM experiments can be an easy route to language. This is also reflected in the work of the zdi networks and zdi student laboratories. This is where practical work together helps to break down language barriers. The approach works just as well the other way around: Embedded in an exciting story with thrilling protagonists, mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology can be conveyed well to all age groups. Small children in particular benefit from impulses that stimulate early childhood curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. Stories serve as an aid to better explaining everyday phenomena. Or experiments are integrated into a narrative in order to inspire the participants beyond the scientific findings.

Besides, reading is just plain healthy, like a American study from 2016 was able to prove: According to the study, frequent reading not only extends life by an average of two years, but also improves emotional intelligence. However, the positive effect can only be seen when reading books, not magazines or newspapers.

What does the AI ​​say about this?

Artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips today, writing texts and creating images and music. We have the chatbot Chat GPT asked why STEM and reading go well together. The answer is obvious:

“Reading is important because it promotes language development and stimulates the imagination. It enables us to put ourselves in other worlds and to deal with other perspectives. It also helps us improve our communication skills and express ourselves.

STEM (mathematics, computer science, science and technology) and reading go well together as both skills promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Reading enables us to understand scientific texts and specialist literature and to grasp the concepts in STEM subjects. It also helps us to deal with complex issues and to put ourselves in the perspective of experts. It promotes concentration and reading skills, which are essential for a successful STEM education.”

We hope you enjoy our book tips and look forward to further book recommendations!


The picture shows the book cover of "Little People Big Dreams - Ada Lovelace".

Little People, Big Dreams: Ada Lovelace

The Little People series contains many stories about inspiring scientists, prepared in an appealing way for young and old. Including the story of Ada Lovelace. The mathematician is credited with creating the first computer program.

Recommended from 4 years
Author: Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
Insel Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-458-17914-6

Icomputer science

The picture shows the cover of "Zoe gambles, Fiete flies!".

Zoe gambles, Fiete flies! – A story about gaming and friendship

Everyone in Fiete's class has game fever: The new ViiZor console lets you immerse yourself in fantastic worlds, compete against each other in teams and exchange ideas in chat. Fiete's best friend Zoe also plays along and has less and less time for Fiete. How can he win back Zoe and his friends?
The book recognizes gaming and social media as part of the reality of young people's lives and provides food for thought and conversation for families.

Recommended from 9 years
Authors: Wiebke Helmchen & Valentin Krayl
O'Reilly Publishers
ISBN: 978-3-96009-210-0

Nnatural sciences

The picture shows the cover of the book "Newton and the Apple of Knowledge" from the Arena Library of Knowledge. The cover features a drawing of Isaac Newton standing at a telescope and looking up. Above him are an apple and some of the planets and a starry sky. In the background you can see a city

Newton and the apple of knowledge

Isaac Newton is considered the father of classical mechanics and celestial mechanics; his law of gravitation revolutionized the human view of the universe. Teaching materials and an Antolin quiz about the book can be found on the publisher's website.

Recommended from 11 years
Author: Luca Novelli
Arena publisher
ISBN: 978-3-401-06395-9


The picture shows the cover of the book "MINT knowledge wins! The hands-on book for tomorrow's inventors" from Usborne Verlag. It challenges you to find new uses for plastic bags, design mountaineering equipment, develop a cooking robot or invent an underwater vehicle.

MINT - Knowledge wins! The hands-on book for tomorrow's inventors

The book offers a first insight into the world of inventions and offers opportunities to become active and creative yourself.

The book is beautifully illustrated and it's fun to see my daughter working with it on her own. We also work on some things together. School groups can certainly also be built on the basis of the book.

Wiebke in STEM book club

Recommended from 8 years
Authors: Tom Mumbray, Alice James & Petra Baan
ISBN: 978-1-78941-390-8

The book recommendation for the zdi annual theme
"Smart Cities – Cities as a living space of the future"

The picture shows the cover of the book "City of the Future".

city ​​of the future

This book is about how people's ideas about cities have changed throughout history and across different cultures. There is plenty of space to draw, dream and be creative and encourages you to design the city you want to live in. And best of all: the book is available to download for free!

Authors: Nika Dubrovsky & friends

The picture shows two pages from the book "City of the Future".
The picture shows two pages from the book "City of the Future".
The picture shows two pages from the book "City of the Future".

Book recommendations by age group

You can use the plus sign to open the recommendations for the respective age group.

The picture shows the book cover of "On the construction site".

Unbreakable: First knowledge: On the construction site

The books from the "First Knowledge" series convey exciting topics from everyday life. "On the construction site" explains questions such as: "What vehicles are actually on the construction site?" Or "Where do the construction workers have breakfast?" The books are made of a particularly robust and waterproof material and are therefore great for looking at yourself, also on the go.

Recommended from 2 years
Authors: Petra Klose & Christian Zimmer
Carlsen publishing house
ISBN: 978-3-551-03607-0

The picture shows the cover of the book "Quantum Physics for Babies".

Baby University - Quantum Physics for Babies

The Baby University series provides simple explanations of major discoveries such as the theory of relativity, evolution or even quantum physics. Here children and adults alike experience that the wild world of atoms never stands still.

Recommended from 2 years
Author: Chris Ferrie
Loewe publishing house
ISBN: 978-3-551-03607-0

The picture shows the book cover of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar - My Nature Book".

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - My Nature Book

There is a lot to discover in nature and the same goes for this book! Because it not only contains stories about exciting insects, how seeds become flowers and how rainbows are formed. There are also lots of colorful stickers and coloring pages that are not yet colorful, all accompanied by the very hungry caterpillar.

Recommended from 4 years
Author: Eric Carle
Gerstenberg Publishing
ISBN: 978-3-8369-6049-6

The picture shows the book cover of "Lindbergh - The Adventurous Story of a Flying Mouse".

Lindbergh - The adventurous story of a flying mouse

Mousetraps everywhere, many mice flee to America. Even a small, inventive mouse would like to dare to cross the Atlantic - and invents her own flying machine! Lindbergh is the first book in a series of adventurous mouse stories that revolve around the discoveries of great scientists.

Recommended from 5 years
Author: Torben Kuhlman
North South Publisher
ISBN: 978-3-314-10210-3

The picture shows the book cover of "Children's Space Atlas with Pop-up Planets". It shows images of planets on a dark blue background.

Kids space atlas with pop-up planet

The space atlas takes you on an exciting journey through our solar system: With full-color illustrations, pop-up planets, pull-out boards and quiz questions, exciting information about the planets can be discovered interactively.

Recommended from 6 years

Dorling Kindersley Publishing
ISBN: 978-3-8310-1768-3

The picture shows the book cover of "Ada Kraft loves science".

Ada Kraft loves science

Ada Kraft is very curious and has an incredible number of questions. Things tend to go wrong on her excursions and experiments, but Ada doesn't let that throw her off course! After all, the best way to learn is from mistakes.

Recommended from 6 years
Authors: Andrea Beaty & David Roberts
Midas Publisher
ISBN: 978-3-03876-203-4

The picture shows the cover of the book "Our way into space". The cover features Suzanna Randall and Insa Thiele-Eich smiling at the camera.

Our way into space

Insa and Suzanna want to be the first two German women in space. In the book, the two explain what astronaut training looks like and arouse enthusiasm for science and technology. Beginning readers are supported here with many pictures, games and reading puzzles when learning to read.

Recommended from 7 years
Authors: Suzanna Randall, Insa Thiele Eich & Petra Eimer
Oetinger Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-7891-2132-6

The picture shows the book cover of "Professor Astrokatz Universe Without Borders".

Professor Astrokatz - Universe without borders

Professor Astrokatz and his crew explore the universe and its mysteries with lots of fun and colour. In addition to the universe, you can also discover your own body and the deep sea with Professor Astrokatz and become a physics expert.

Recommended from 7 years
Authors: Ben Newman & Dominic Walliman
North South Publisher
ISBN: 978-3-314-10249-3

The picture shows the book cover of "Die Kackwurstfabrik".

The turd factory

The processes of digestion: clearly a part of biology! The children Pim and Polly take a tour of the turd factory - from the control room at the top to the acid bath of the stomach and the rollercoaster-like ride through the intestine down to the gatekeepers of the rectum.

Recommended from 7 years
Authors: Marja Baseler & Annemarie van den Brink
Klett children's book
ISBN: 978-3-95470-188-9

The picture shows the cover of the book "Atlas of Female Explorers - On the Trail of Courageous Pioneers" by Riccardo Francaviglia and Margherita Sgarlata from Midas Verlag. It shows drawings of women in different situations: one is standing at the wheel of a ship, another is sitting in a racing car, a rocket is launching and a woman is observing something through binoculars.

Atlas of Explorers

Courageous women who realized their dreams and overcame borders have existed in every era. This book tells the journeys of 22 extraordinary female explorers whose names are otherwise rarely found in comparable books. A detailed review of the book can be found at MINT book club on the zdi community platform!

Recommended from 7 years
Authors: Riccardo Francaviglia & Margherita Sgarlata
Midas children's book
ISBN: 978-3-03876-240-9

The picture shows the book cover of "Fatima's fantastic journey to a world without oil".

Fatima's amazing journey to a world without oil

In times of plastic waste in the sea, streets full of cars and global climate emergencies, this book has set itself the task of telling about urgently needed, optimistic future utopias and thus designing a world that will remain worth living in tomorrow.
A knowledge library for looking up the most important background information and facts completes the book, which was produced using the Cradle to Cradle process.

Recommended from 8 years
Author: Jakob Winkler
Knesebeck Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-95728-523-2

The picture shows the cover of the book "My friend Roxy".

My friend Roxy

Expert Kenza Ait Si Abbou explains the topic of artificial intelligence in an understandable and fun way. Lili and Roxy are best friends, Lili is a girl and Roxy is a robot. This book tells how Lili gets the initially damaged Roxy running and how the two learn to talk to each other.

Recommended from 8 years
Authors: Kenza Ait Si Abbou & Meike Töpperwien
Tulipan publisher
ISBN: 978-3-86429-540-9

The picture shows the book cover of "Fully miscounted!".

Completely miscounted?

Paul is a show off. By claiming to be able to count up to 10 million, he puts a crown on the bragging rights. But Paul tries everything to actually make it and even becomes famous in the process!
Written in a language that even children who have difficulty reading can understand.

Recommended from 9 years
Author: Melvin Burgess
Beltz Publishing Group
ISBN: 978-3-407-81292-6

The picture shows the book cover of "Astrophysics, the Universe and All the Rest" by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Gregory Mone from FinanzBuch-Verlag. The book is recommended for ages 10 and up.

Astrophysics, the universe and all the rest

From the basics of physics to big questions about space and time: The book brings its readers closer to the mysteries of the universe with understandable explanations and more than 40 color photos and infographics.

The book explains what happens in space in a way that I could understand too!

Miko in STEM book club

Recommended from 10 years
Authors: Neil deGrasse Tyson & Gregory Mone
Financial book publisher
ISBN: 978-3-95972-486-9

The picture shows the cover of "The World Wall - A walk through the mysteries of the universe". It shows the drawing of an astronaut in a space suit floating in space and taking a picture of planet Earth.

the universe

In this book, six female astrophysicists explain the basics of astronomy in a way that is easy to understand. The explanations are embedded in poems, legends, stories from research and suggestions for DIY, as well as atmospheric images.

Recommended from 10 years
Authors: Simona Gallerani, Maria C. Orofino, Edwige Pezzulli, Tullia Sbarrato, Raffaella Schneider, Rosa Valiante, Silvia Vecchini, Alice Beniero
Carlsen publishing house
ISBN: 978-3-95972-486-9

The picture shows the book cover of "Christian and the Number Artists".

Christian and the number artists

Mathematical hater Christian has to spend the holidays with his aunt, the mathematician Ursula, at Professor Primo's summer academy in Tuscany. A thriller about prime numbers, secret codes and encryptions unfolds, which enables a first introduction to the topic of cryptography and lets numbers appear in a completely new light. A teaching model for the book can also be found on the publisher's website.

Recommended from 11 years
Authors: Albrecht Beutelspacher & Thomas M. Müller
ISBN: 978-3-423-62332-2

The picture shows the cover of the Was ist Was book "Reaktiv! Chemie um uns um uns" by Tessloff-Verlag. It includes information on polymers, small and large molecules, chemical reactions and how chemistry is changing the world.

WHAT IS WHAT Science easy! Chemistry. Reactive!

What chemical reactions take place when fried eggs are fried? How does the color get into the crackling fireworks? And where do we encounter atomic compounds and chemical elements in everyday life? The book from the popular "What is what" series provides answers to these questions.

Recommended from 11 years
Author: Manfred Baur
Tessloff Publishing
ISBN: 978-3-7886-7700-8

The picture shows the book cover of "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls".

Good Night Stories for Little Girls

The book tells the stories of 100 impressive women, across centuries and continents. Curious explorers, clever researchers, creative geniuses and courageous activists provide role models for children, young people and adults alike. Each story is provided with a very individual illustration and the last page provides space for your very own rebellious story.

Recommended from 12 years
Authors: Francesca Cavallo & Elena Favilli
Carl Hanser Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-446-25690-3

The picture shows the book cover of "Hubble - Breathtaking Images from Space".


For the 30th anniversary of the famous space telescope in 2020, this illustrated book contains "Breathtaking images from space" in large format. In addition to around 300 color and 30 black-and-white photos, there are also 20 color drawings. Easy-to-understand texts accompany the recordings and make what you see understandable: about the birth of stars, the hearts of distant galaxies and the traces of dark matter.

Author: Dirk H. Lorenzen
cosmos publisher
EAN: 978-3-440-16496-9

The picture shows the book cover of "How to Philosophize with Fire - Chemistry and Alchemy for the Fearless".

How to philosophize with fire

Natural scientist and philosopher Jens Soentgen tells exciting stories about substances, alchemists and chemists and awakens a passion for chemistry in experiments for the fearless.

The book (...) is not only interesting for MINT fans, but also for young people who are interested in history or social sciences. Oh yes, and for adults too...

Recommended by Veronica G.

Authors: Jens Soentgen & Vitali Konstantinov
Peter Hammer Publishing
ISBN: 978-3-7795-0526-6

The picture shows the book cover of "Weird, everything chemically!".

Funny, all chemical!

The scientist and journalist Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim explains which chemical processes are hidden everywhere in our everyday lives and how they work. A daily routine serves as a common thread that leads the reader through the world of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry.

Author: Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen Kim
Droemer HC Publishing
ISBN: 978-3-426-27767-6

The picture shows the book cover of "The Climate Book".

The climate book

In Greta Thunberg's book, over a hundred scientists have their say and use their expertise to illuminate the various aspects of the climate crisis: from geophysics to mathematics, economics and oceanography to philosophy. Greta Thunberg also describes her experiences as an activist against climate change. The book offers a detailed introduction and a basic reference work on the subject of climate change.

Author: Greta Thunberg
Fisher publishers
ISBN: 978-3-10-397189-7

The picture shows the cover of the book "A question of chemistry".

A matter of chemistry

Elisabeth Zott would like to become a chemist. But in 1961 no one believed a woman capable of this. Despite this, Elisabeth goes her own way and lives her passion for chemistry. However, not in the laboratory, but in the TV studio of the cooking show "Eating at six". Because for Elisabeth Zott, cooking is chemistry. And chemistry means a change of states!

Author: Bonnie Garmus
Piper publishing house
EAN: 978-3-492-07109-3

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