STEM active

zdi.NRW cooperates nationwide with foundations, associations, initiatives and other active people who are committed to good STEM education. To promote a fruitful exchange of knowledge and experience between the MINT education providers and to support the work of the zdi networks and zdi student laboratories.

Are you actively involved in STEM education in NRW and/or nationwide and offer courses, competitions or other STEM projects for students? Do you organize events for MINT actors or are you planning offers that could be of interest to the zdi community? 

Then contact us!

Do you already know the STEM community platform? Here you will find the contact details of the zdi networks and zdi student laboratories in your region.

Would you like to work together with zdi.NRW for the long-term MINT generation? Then become a zdi partner:in! Here you can find out what options are available to you

The implementation of many projects depends on the right financing. You can find more information about the funding programs here ERDF zdi and zdi-BSO-MINT.


You can find more background information on zdi.NRW here.