girls promotion

More and more girls and young women are choosing a MINT career or course of study. Nevertheless, the potential of well-educated young women is far from being exploited and they are significantly underrepresented in the areas of mechanical engineering, computer science and engineering.

Despite the best prerequisites, they do not decide on the basis of talent and inclination, but along role stereotypes. Forgoing the diverse potential of girls is a great loss for business and research.

Our task as the zdi regional office is ...

  • …the Strengthening of the regional networks in order to break new ground in the development of measures.
  • … the Organization thematically oriented working groups (AK) for zdi activists.
  • …the Collection of new ideas and insights from the community.
  • …that To make visible the network offers.

ongoing activities

zdi Academy:
Seminars & workshops

Exchange and training help to develop gender-sensitive offers for girls and boys. We regularly offer transfer options and test new formats.

zdi robot performance

A category of the zdi robot competition, which is aimed in particular at schoolgirls. In addition to programming, choreography, music and scenery count - and not only girls are enthusiastic about that.

zdi examples of good practice

We collect good practice examples and suggestions for courses that appeal to girls and young women. Quality criteria help to reach participants in a targeted manner.

zdi heroines October

Every year in October, projects and topics related to MINT and girls and young women are the focus of zdi.NRW. It's been a busy month on national networks and social media!  

Join us

In the zdi Heroine October, girls and women from the MINT sector introduce themselves and share their personal experiences and impressions about MINT with the zdi community. These zdi heroines represent the diversity of MINT women and show girls and young women interested in MINT potential areas of activity. We are always looking for zdi heroines – feel free to talk to us! 

Would you like to support young female talent in the MINT sector with your company, network or as an individual? Then talk to us, we will be happy to support you! 

Contact Person

Kerstin Helmerdig

Susanne Jakobs-Bohack