zdi heroines October: Polaroids


The photo shows five women smiling into the camera. Below it says: "Kathi, Susanne, Kerstin, Gwen and Isabell make the zdi heroines October possible."


Catherine Meyer

Catherine Meyer

“The successes and developments of women and girls in the STEM field should be presented in schools, for example. In this way, young girls can find new role models.”

Emily Menke

Emily Menke

"As a training ambassador, I often notice that girls in particular who are about to choose a career or study course know what they want, but don't do it because they don't dare to step out of line and go their own way to find. That's why I always try to convey one thing during lectures: IT'S OK TO BE DIFFERENT!"

Laura Rinnen

Laura Rinnen

"No single STEM topic makes the difference, but the combination of all subjects together makes the world a better place. Examples are biotechnology, bionics, medical technology and health technology.”

Nina Lenz

Nina Lenz

"For me, it's the issues that deal with improving people's quality of life that make the world a better place. For example, assistance systems that enable people to be more independent or stay longer in their own four walls. AI applications that support therapy and contribute to patient improvement/recovery.”

Marie Skiba

Marie Skiba

“Unfortunately, society still teaches that girls are more talented in the areas of social affairs, language and art. Promoting interests at a very early stage would make sense. Experimental offers in the kindergarten could be a way to counteract the clichés. That way girls can see how much fun STEM is.”

Pia Munstermann

Pia Munstermann

“If you set yourself a goal: keep at it! If you want it, you can do it. You either do it by teaching yourself, or you find people who have the expertise and can explain it to you. And then you can do it!”

Monika Lichtinghagen-Wirths

Monika Lichtinghagen-Wirths

"In the last 30 years of waste advice, we have learned that children are our best multipliers. We try to convey our topics in such a way that everyone recognizes how important it is to deal with topics such as resource management, climate protection and energy saving.”

Tami Suesselbeck


"In development, it's always nice to see when the programmed things or built models work the way you imagined. You shouldn't allow yourself to be unsettled by small setbacks in the development phase and try again and again with new ideas and approaches. Working in a team and supporting each other plays a big role.”  

Joanna Rieger


"The development of prostheses and orthotics makes the world a better place because so many people can live independently."

Sophie Charlotte Keunecke

Sophie Charlotte Keunecke

"It doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl. It just depends on what you want to achieve and how much you put into it.”

Ronja Sophia Maduch

Ronia Sophia

“I believe that a new generation is growing up that can look to many female role models. If young girls and women are made curious to try out this area, then they can achieve a lot.”

Yun Jing Chan

Yun Jin Chan

"My master's degree in engineering, especially my master's thesis in a field that I'm not familiar with (artificial intelligence), is my greatest success in the MINT field. When I look back on my studies, the proximity to practice through many internships and projects was an important point to stay on the ball and to enjoy my studies. As a result, the course has always remained exciting in addition to the theoretical part.”

Nina Woicke

Nina Woicke

"For my personal development, also in the context of self-employment, I find female-dominated networks particularly valuable. Because here you meet people in similar life situations who, because of the common parallels, have a greater understanding of their own situation.”

Anne Marie Kayser

Anne Marie Kayser

“The sensor-based innovations in the care industry make the world a better place. This relieves the nursing staff and nurses and supports them in their profession. Likewise, people in need of care can be offered a better and often more independent life.”

Dorothee Feldmuller

Dorothee Feldmuller

"More role models and more visibility for women who are already working in STEM are incredibly important to break down prejudices - and a welcoming culture for women in STEM!"


Zerrin Börzek, founder of fe:male Innovation

Zerrin Börzek

"We want to empower women in the use of technologies and enable them to actively shape the digital transformation."

Anna Burst

“Your gender does not determine your future job title. Together we have to break the stereotypes about "girls' and boys' jobs". The more women work in MINT professions, the more the visibility of women in these same professions is promoted. So it is my dream that at some point it will be normal to say textile engineer without the subsequent question being whether I am a fashion designer.”

Victoria Gebhart

“You can come across chemistry, physics and math again in many courses. But unlike school, they can suddenly make a lot of sense and fun. For example, chemistry is an essential part of textile finishing processes, which aroused my interest in a supposedly "young" subject."

Corinna Toberna

“I love that I can always see how much I put into my work and what the “finished” result is at the end. It makes me proud to later see the product I produced on the shelf.”

Jessica Ulmer

“Have confidence in the MINT subjects, even if you are the first in your family to start an apprenticeship or study in this direction. Even if you don't have any specific previous knowledge, such as programming experience, that's no problem. You can learn anything!”

Julia Schlee

“Take your teachers on board with you. You can book workshops or courses in project weeks with external providers, such as a school laboratory, and thus create the opportunity to get a taste of many MINT professions.”

dr Kathrin Schroer

"By analyzing our measurement data, we protect pipelines and other industrial facilities from damage, thereby protecting the environment and thus securing the energy supply all over the world."

Raffaella Buses

"The natural sciences are not only exciting and important, they also enable exchange with other enthusiastic people - and sometimes a journey to the end of the world!"

Inca Lüttecke

"If you're passionate about STEM, do it no matter what others say. In any case, use offers like those from zdi to get a taste of the area.”

Marie Slezberg

“What fascinates me about STEM is that you can be creative. There are endless possibilities to improve the world with STEM!”

Verena Janning

"Keep on fighting! We women can do MINT at least as well as men.”

Marion Meissner

“I wish that women would no longer be special in the trades in the future. We have to break with traditional role models so that girls with dream jobs, such as master roofers or entrepreneurs, are not the exception.”

Nele Wessels

"Do what you enjoy and stick to your decision, even if others doubt whether you can even do such a "man's job". If you really want it, you can do it!”

Lina Reifenberg & Theresa Hickman

“Through MINT you get a completely different perspective on the world. You question everyday things and learn how the world works. It is fascinating to see what can be made possible with MINT!” 

“Do what you love and don't let anyone tell you what suits you, because only you know that. Try everything and give everything a chance, maybe it's exactly what you're looking for. And if it's not yours, you've still had the experience and you're becoming more self-aware.”

Julia Els

"I find it really exciting to learn more and more about the origin of the universe and to exchange ideas with others who are just as fascinated as I am. I am pleased that there are so many interesting offers in this area and I am grateful for the people who inspire and support me on my way.”

Friederike Rummler

“More women in STEM fields increase the variety of ideas. I therefore hope that in the future more girls and women will choose MINT professions in order to support research with their knowledge and potential.”

Caroline Kohl

“Natural science/physics is omnipresent, so that many everyday things, such as the rich colors of the side bubbles, can be physically observed and explained. It is the curiosity to fathom these observations that makes my studies so fascinating for me. I find it great fun to experience my everyday world through these 'glasses' every day anew.”

Barbara Hagedorn

"We not only have to move mountains on the construction site, but also in people's minds. It is essential that the entire company is committed to more young women. The women don't run into them by themselves. Your own rethinking is the first step.”


Michelle Werth

“More women in STEM not only help to change the perspective, but also to actively work on ideas from women for women.”

dr Maren Panhorst

“Biotechnology is looking for ways to learn from living things. It's exciting to find out what they can do. Fungi, bacteria… they can do so much more than cheese and beer!”

Kira Alexia Fechtler

“Through my father and grandfather I came into contact with wood and its processing at an early age. Wood mechanic was and is my dream job!”

Marieluise Odes

"The fact that my older sister successfully studied computer science gave me a lot of courage."

Claire Dollhausen

“MINT manages to make the world we live in a little bit easier to understand.”

Rebekah Stock

"Decision and production processes change through software - so new applications offer a lot of potential to solve current problems."

Prof. Dr. Petra Kleinbongard

“Our knowledge of biology can help people in the long term. With my research, I want to find out how the heart can be better protected in the event of a heart attack. Patients should be able to live long and well.”

Annkathrin Wenzel

“I am curious and want to contribute to creating new knowledge.”

Sarah Fleuren

"In order to be sustainable, it is not enough to just be able to use technology; understanding technology also plays a central role."

dr Raphaela Meissner

"Today and in the future, we need many people who understand the interaction between nature and humanity in order to enable sustainable life on earth."

Daria Wilke

“I am excited to make a contribution and help shape the future of engineering.”

Ceylan Temis

"My goal is to awaken unrecognized talents and interests and to take away the fear of STEM subjects in students."

technology friends

"With our posts and stories on Instagram, we want to show how diverse technology can be and how much fun it is to question things and just try some things out."

Prof. Dr. Martina Havenith-Newen

“Scientific curiosity drives research. This allows us to continue to advance into previously unknown worlds and to understand and optimize fundamental processes.”

Stefanie Geistt

“We need STEM to continue to develop and to give young people a chance to have a say and help decide what the future should look like.”

Svenja Edelman

"Global problems require sustainable, technical and environmentally friendly solutions as well as diverse ideas."

Iris Rieth

"My studies gave me a broad knowledge of the possibilities to reduce emissions and now I support companies to implement these technologies."

Jessica klein

“Our lives are becoming more and more digital and faster. With MINT you can help shape all of this. In my job, I'm working on 5G, which will make self-driving cars a reality, for example."

Prof. Dr. Miriam Pein-Hackelbusch

"It is my wish to arouse enthusiasm for technical and scientific content and to be able to convey motivation at the right time."

Stina Boerchers

"I believe that with enough interest you can achieve anything you set your mind to - even if the path sometimes looks a little different than what you imagined."

private lecturer dr Silke Britzen

“Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by the universe. Today I study black holes and experience every day how incredibly exciting science and research is."


Nina Eckertz

"MINT includes a more diverse range of topics and professions than you might think at first and offers many creative opportunities to get involved and constantly develop yourself."

Prof. Dr. Anne Remke

“I love structures and things that are provable. For me, computer science combines this with the possibility of automating processes and making them more efficient.”

Frauke Wimmer-Mätzkow

“It is fascinating to discover and understand the connections and logical connections behind STEM processes. For example, how is a rainbow formed?”

Lisa Werner

“I am fascinated by the constant development and change from previous MINT professions to today, the appeal of pursuing a profession that is actually a 'male domain'.”

dr Diana Barbian

"Environmentally friendly technologies are the key to a future worth living in and suitable for grandchildren."

Prof. Dr. Inge Schwank

“Mathematics knows eternal truths, computer science is extremely practical, natural sciences make the world understandable, technology makes life easier.”

dr Beate Schulte

"MINT is an important key to addressing current problems, such as the fight against diseases, energy supply issues or climate protection."

Anna Lena Hölper

"With my training, I can not only work privately but also professionally to develop a healthy and sustainable environment in which we and future generations would like to live."

Firevs Avci

“The best thing about my working day is that I can organize it myself. Of course I pursue goals that my boss wants, but I am free to decide when I do what.”

Özlem Doger-Herter

“I deal with huge amounts of data (big data) from which I derive insights. The data (numbers in combination with technology) are used to better understand facts. I find that fascinating.”

Felicia Langsdorf

"What I like about STEM is its clarity and lack of a 'now that's a matter of interpretation' mentality."

Catherine Williams

"What fascinates me about my job is that I can share technical knowledge and get other people excited about digital and smart services."

Natalia Balcazar

“I love finding solutions to challenges and thereby helping my community and my environment. Geology gave me the crucial insight that nothing is forever and that everything is connected.”

Christine Low

“Most lectures in the first semesters start from scratch. Accordingly, those who are interested without previous school knowledge also have the opportunity to study MINT subjects.”

Beate Schleger

“It's good when you think differently than your male colleagues. Then discussions arise where the best solutions come out.”

Kira Paul

“There are so many great women who prove every day that STEM is just right for us women. My tip: Don't want to be your "man", but stay true to yourself and authentic. Diversity is exactly what brings us forward together.”

Lena Hagenauer

“MINT is a field of work with a future and unlimited, diverse possibilities. MINT thrives on ideas, no matter how crazy they are. The following clearly applies here: the proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

Julia Mueller

“In STEM, new things are explored every day, so it's never possible to know everything. So don't doubt yourself, your concubine doesn't know everything either."

Miriam Mertens

“Just dare and do your thing. Never think you can't do something. Everyone only cooks with water and if you can't do something, then look at it, ask and learn. ”

Nadine Lucke

"I would like STEM to be taught more with the help of age-appropriate everyday questions or trending topics: How does Siri work? How do you build an e-scooter? What do you need for Virtual Reality?”

dr Anna Czeschik

Focus on what interests you and what you want to do and less on being a “STEM woman”. And if there is a problem, talk about it early and seek support. ”

Celine Quervel

“Often, she suddenly shoots a solution through my head at night. Then I jump up, open my laptop and fix the error in the code. I'm incredibly relieved and proud every time it works!"

Christine White

“It gets amusing when men underestimate you as a woman. In such situations, unpacking your own technical competence calmly and with perfect timing leads to astonishment, respect and, in the end, often to a lifelong friendship.”

Jacqueline Houben

“Many customers don't think at first that I'm a technician. When I then tell them that I can certainly help them, they are usually totally enthusiastic.”

Anica Althoff

“What I like about my work in the STEM field is the variety. In 2017, for example, I was a juror at the world finals of the World Robot Olympiad in Costa Rica - that was mega!"

Sophie Charlotte Keunecke

"For me, the coolest thing is when I walk into a room and know everyone's like, 'Well, that and robotics? Will that work out?" And then I can impress everyone in seconds.”

Lisa Marie Fischer

"What's always funny is the customers' faces when they see a woman standing in the workshop."

Adriana cabrera

“I work in the field of soft robotics, i.e. on robots made of materials such as rubber or foam. Soft, organic materials based on animal models should make people less afraid of robots and minimize the safety risk.”

dr Anya Miehe

“During our studies, we were 5 women out of 100 men. When I entered the lecture hall, I was sometimes greeted personally and by name with a handshake, that was crazy!”

Cennet Eren

“For the future, I would like to see a mobility concept that is affordable and accessible to everyone. And that everyone gets the opportunity to turn their passion into a profession.”

Anne Krause

"I am particularly pleased that there are so many women in physics education and I hope that we can slowly break down such old stereotypes of the students."

Prof. Dr. Paula Herbert

"I wish that modern technologies would be used for a 'better' society - for example, we could increase equal opportunities if we made it easier for everyone to access information and education."

Katrin Schroeder

"My wish for our future is that drug production becomes even greener and that more biotechnologically produced active ingredients for drugs can gradually replace chemically synthesized ones in the future."

dr Petra Zartner

“I would like to see a low-emission means of transport powered by renewable energy that many people can afford.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Catherine Temmen

"Environmentally friendly and compact energy storage would bring us a huge step forward in many areas."

Catherine Rawert

"I wish that a fast, cheap and environmentally friendly way would be developed to transport people and things."

Katja Sterzik

“I wish for a future in which we can live climate-neutral. For this, a horde of politicians should be invented who take climate change as seriously as it is urgently needed.”