STEM studies and STEM training

The zdi-BSO-MINT program is intended for students from class 7 of general education schools in NRW As part of the in-depth career and study orientation enable a detailed first-hand insight into the MINT subjects and thus promote the inclination to study. In addition to courses of study in the narrower sense, professions with an academic education can be presented in zdi offers. In addition, MINT training occupations that are linked to a course of study accompanying the training or that can lead to a subsequent MINT degree may also be expressly presented.

Successful career and study orientation

zdi-BSO-MINT makes an effective contribution to the successful career and study orientation of young people and thus serves to secure skilled workers in NRW. The funds provided for the program are earmarked and can be used to carry out in-depth career and study orientation measures in the STEM field in zdi regions.

The zdi-BSO-MINT building blocks

For the implementation of zdi-BSO-MINT measures, the zdi regions and their implementation partners can design their courses within the framework of the following "zdi-BSO-MINT modules":


BSO STEM course standard

Experimental work under supervision; MINT courses or apprenticeships with further qualifying courses are discussed. Can also be done online.


BSO-MINT corporate,
or institute project

Processing of a specific MINT-oriented work assignment as a consulting group for an institute or company. Can also be done online.


BSO STEM holiday camp
with a university

Adventure camp with workshops and project work in the MINT area; integration of different faculties; Active support from students and university employees to get a realistic insight into the university world. Can also be done online.



Contextualizing STEM in four modules:
1. health; 2. Art & culture linked to STEM; 3. STEM teachers: recruiting young talent, including other STEM professional fields; 4. Subject area BSO-MINT for students with learning difficulties or with language barriers. Can also be done online.

advice and assistance

The zdi state office manages the funds for the zdi-BSO-MINT program, checks measures and courses for their feasibility and settles approved measures with the corresponding contractual partners of the zdi landscape. In addition, the contractual partners receive intensive advice and assistance with the conception and formulation of content or the creation of the final documentation. 

The  zdi-BSO-MINT project for "in-depth MINT career and study orientation" (in short: "zdi-BSO-MINT") is from the Regional Directorate NRW of the Federal Employment Agency and the  Ministry of Culture and Science North Rhine-Westphalia worn together in half. Both partners have concluded a corresponding administrative agreement on this.

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