Easy language

This is future through innovation.

Zfuture dhrough IInnovation is a program
for the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
The abbreviation is ZDI.
That's how you say it: zett dee ii.

ZDI is a program for young people.
In the program young people get to know professions.
ZDI helps with the choice of an apprenticeship.
Or from a degree.

The professions all come from one area.
The area is called MINT.
MINT is the abbreviation for:
Icomputer science
Nnatural sciences.

Natural sciences are for example:
Or physics.
Or biology.

That's what ZDI does.

ZDI does STEM projects for small children.
And for older children.
And teenagers.

The projects are for example:
Try it.
trips to companies.
And robot competitions.

The young people get to know the STEM professions.
For example in a student laboratory.
A student laboratory is a room for experiments.
There are student laboratories in many places.
For example:
In companies.
Or in high schools.
Or in schools.

Young people do a lot of things themselves in the projects.
You will learn a lot about MINT professions.
And have fun too.
Lots of young people are taking part.

This is how ZDI works.

3 ministries support ZDI:
The Science Ministry.
The School Ministry.
The Ministry of Economy.

The ministries belong to the government of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Ministry of Science directs ZDI.

Many organizations help with the program.
For example:
And companies.
And colleges.
And politics.

Organizations from one area work together.
Das ist ein Network.
A network works is only responsible for one area.
There are many network plants in North Rhine-Westphalia.

There are the ZDI state office.
The ZDI state office is responsible for all of North Rhine-Westphalia.
She works for the Science Ministry.

The ZDI office helps in many things.
Things are all related to STEM careers and STEM projects.
For example:
The ZDI office advises the Netz-Werke
And the student labs.

That's why there is ZDI.

Young people should get to know important topics.
For example:
Treat nature well.
Eat healthy.
Use energy sensibly.
invent new things.
Help people with little money.

People with knowledge about STEM will help.
Many companies need employees with STEM knowledge.
ZDI brings people and companies together.
Companies give people jobs.

ZDI and the partners want to achieve goals.
These are the goals:
More people are working in STEM jobs.
More young people are studying STEM.
Or a MINT education.

Everyone should find a job.
The job should suit the person.

The text is for all people.
Everyone should understand the text.
That's why we make the text particularly easy to understand.
We only use the masculine form of words.
But the text includes all people.

The Office for Easy Language Cologne checked the text.