Children and adolescents

Here you will find all the information and activity options for children and young people from North Rhine-Westphalia who are interested MINT, So MAthens Icomputer science, Nscience and Thave technology. You are interested in everything around MINT or science in general? You can imagine doing training or studying in this area later, but you're not quite sure yet? Or do you actually not really know what you can do with technology etc. in practice, but would like to try it out? Then you are exactly right here! zdi.NRW offers many exciting free courses and workshops related to MINT.

Are you looking for MINT courses in your region?

You can find all courses on the zdi community platform!

Want to join? 

There are many ways in which you can get involved at zdi.NRW. Do you have an idea for a course or project? On the zdi community platform you can contact the zdi networks and zdi student laboratories in your region directly and send them your wishes and suggestions.

If you often take part in zdi courses and would like to show what you can experience there, you have the option of posting a take over on our Instagram account (@mintblogger) close. With a take over, you “take over” the channel for a day, i.e. you take photos/videos and write text for a post or create stories, which we then publish on our account. Of course, you can also simply share your experiences on the zdi community platform. You can also register here by email Fabio Mancarella

And if you really want to delve deeper and support zdi.NRW directly, you can get involved in the zdi youth advisory board. The zdi youth advisory board is a committee made up of young people from all over North Rhine-Westphalia who can jointly develop their own course concepts, vote on various topics and be interviewed by the networks. We have summarized all information here. Contact person is here Isabell Stollenwerk

Offers for young people: 

Two girls at the zdi robot competition 2023 at the competition mat with their robot.

zdi robot competition

In the zdi robot competition you can enter two categories with your classmates and your self-programmed robots.Ranges" and "Performance” as well as two age groups, primary and secondary schools, competing against each other in local and regional competitions. At the end there will be a big NRW final. Every year has a new motto. More information on the MINT community.

The picture shows three young people presenting their Science League project to the jury. It is a greenhouse where some green plants are grown.

zdi Science League

In the zdi Science League, teams compete in an annual task in the MINT area. The task is divided into different game days on which points are collected. The submissions will be evaluated by a jury and of course the winners will receive attractive prizes! The current season's theme is “The Quarter of the Future”.

The winner of the Best Science Clip category. @ zdi.NRW

Science Video Awards 

At the Science Video Award you could win great prizes with your homemade videos about MINT. On the YouTube channel @mintvlogger you can watch the videos from past award shows. The Science Video Award took place a total of three times, from 2020 to 2022.

Youth Science Camp 

A YouthScienceCamp is a special event format to promote the participation of young people in the STEM field. What counts here: Join the discussion and get rid of opinions! Can technology, physics & co. make the world a better place? Can superpowers be calculated? What experiences have you had with exciting research projects? At the YouthScienceCamp, young people have the opportunity to share their projects and experiences and to exchange ideas outside of normal school life. 

Contact persons: inside

Fabio Mancarella

The photo shows Isabell Stollenwerk, a woman with long blond hair and glasses.

Isabell Stollenwerk