zdi networks receive seals of quality

Excellent STEM funding in North Rhine-Westphalia! zdi networks receive seals of quality

The Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia has awarded the zdi networks the zdi seal of quality 2023 for their NRW-wide successful work in extracurricular STEM education.

The photo shows a network stretched out of red threads. On it are the letters MIN and T.

Future through Innovation.NRW (zdi.NRW) with its regional zdi networks offers a comprehensive and diverse extracurricular offer in the MINT area (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology) for young people across the board. Every year, several thousand schoolchildren have the opportunity to get a taste of different MINT areas, to get to know MINT professions and courses of study and to try them out. Whether it comes to a solar powered model vehicle to construct the 3D Print to try Programmieren to learn to deal with issues like Upcycling and Sustainability to deal with or one of your own lightsaber to build - the zdi offers make such and many other STEM experiences possible.

Despite major challenges such as rising energy prices, inflation and the increasingly noticeable climate crisis, the zdi networks have maintained, further developed and expanded their region-specific STEM offers in 2022 and inspired young people in numerous courses for STEM. The zdi quality seal 2023 has now been awarded for this outstanding work.

"The zdi seal of quality is a recognition of the committed and high-quality work that is done by the zdi networks to promote young STEM students together with their partners in NRW. The regional networking of MINT actors and the involvement of schools, companies, universities and other partners result in needs-based and target group-specific offers. The zdi actors ensure practice-oriented and exciting courses in which young people can try themselves out. This is a valuable contribution to securing the next generation of skilled workers in NRW," said Georg Mertens, Head of Department at the Ministry of Culture and Science (MKW).

Excellent STEM funding

The graphic shows the logo of the zdi seal of quality for the year 2023 in the colors red, gray and white.

Every year, the MKW awards the zdi networks with the seal of quality that meet the agreed criteria for high-quality MINT offers in NRW. The seal documents this successful work. The criteria include: successful networking and successful cooperation with regional partners from different areas, the implementation of the bottom-up approach depending on region-specific needs, the clear visibility of MINT offers in the region, the positioning as a central contact person and last but not least, an extensive and high-quality portfolio of offers.

Employees of the zdi networks have access to further training, can exchange ideas at zdi events and use networking offers throughout NRW. Via the zdi community platform, they have the opportunity to offer, advertise and manage their offers online, to get in touch with participants digitally, to exchange ideas and to distribute STEM badges.

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