zdi heroines polaroid campaign

Join in and share a month of STEM fun

More and more girls and young women are opting for a MINT education or a MINT degree. Nevertheless, the female potential is far from being exhausted and women are clearly underrepresented in the fields of mechanical engineering, computer science and engineering. This is a great loss for business and research. At the zdi regional office, we want to give the STEM heroines more visibility and create space for their stories. That's why we have October for this year too Month of the zdi heroines called out.

For four weeks, zdi.NRW will focus on personal stories, projects and topics related to MINT and girls and young women. In order to reach young people in particular, a lot should also happen in social media on these topics. Every day we would like a woman who works in a STEM profession, is doing a STEM apprenticeship or studies a STEM subject with a quote and a picture or in a short video on our Instagram channel @mintblogger . imagine

We are also happy about pupils who want to participate in the campaign!

This is where we need your help - as a girl or woman in the STEM field:

Simply fill out the questionnaire and the photo and film consent and send it to us along with a photo of you. Would you like to present yourself and your MINT enthusiasm a little more vividly? Then send us a short video of yourself, answer one of the questions from the questionnaire or show us where you work.

Questionnaire (PDF)

Questionnaire (Download Word document)

Image consent (download Word document)

Please send the completed forms and your photo to: zdi@matrix-gmbh.de

Your contacts for the heroine October

Kerstin Helmerdig

Susanne Jakobs-Bohack

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