zdi.NRW offers Easter holiday courses throughout NRW

Researching, programming, discovering, having fun: zdi.NRW offers Easter holiday courses throughout NRW

The NRW Easter holidays have started. During this two-week school-free period, the zdi networks in North Rhine-Westphalia organize many different hands-on courses for children and young people. In these courses, students can discover and try out MINT (math, computer science, natural sciences and technology) for themselves outside of school hours.

The graphic shows three people doing chemical experiments while wearing rabbit ears. It is supposed to represent a MINT course during the Easter holidays.

Trying out and touching is expressly permitted!

Program retro games like Pacman yourself, experience how 3D artists, game designers and character designers work with 3D sculpting or create the first VR application with a VR authoring tool – in the During holiday courses, students can experience a lot.

#OurUniversum - Courses to match the Science Year

Both in the first as well as in the second week of vacation at zdi center Mönchengladbach the command bridge of a spaceship can be built and brought to life with the self-programmed Artemis computer game.

zdi theme of the year: Sustainable energy management

Of course, the zdi courses also make you fit for sustainable Industry 4.0: In the Design Camp of the zdi center BeST participants can gain an insight into the Industrial Design course. You develop intelligent design solutions for your own product prototype. Special prior knowledge is not required.

Many different people stand, sit, play and work in front of an urban background with lots of solar panels and wind turbines. The picture symbolizes sustainable energy management.
Are you looking for MINT courses in your region?

You can find all courses on the zdi community platform!

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