zdi community platform: Downtime planned

zdi community platform temporarily only available to a limited extent

The zdi community platform is on hold due to maintenance work Sunday evening, August 13, only available to a limited extent. The maintenance work takes time probably until Monday, August 21, at. We apologize for the somewhat longer duration of the work. The platform will then be fully available again with a new design and new functions. 

The photo has a decorative purpose. It features wooden Scrabble pieces forming the words Pause, Breathe and Resume.
Photo: Brett Jordan on Unsplash

As part of the maintenance, all new activities will be suspended. The following will not be possible from Sunday:

  • Login to the platform
  • Changing data, such as information about courses

It is also possible to read previous entries on the platform. You can find out what innovations you can expect on the platform on the Platform himself and here on the zdi portal.

The image has a decorative function. It is symbolic of the term arrow.
The graphic shows the new logo of the zdi community platform. It features a dark blue C that fades into an orange P. In the white space between C and P, zdi is gray, the dot on the i is red. NRW is written in small gray letters at the bottom next to the P.

If you have any questions, please send us an email Email!

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