zdi-Zentrum Kreis Steinfurt registers “MINT-Rallye” as a word mark

MINT rallies bring young people together with companies and counteract the regional shortage of skilled workers

The zdi-Zentrum Kreis Steinfurt (WESt) has been offering MINT rallies since 2014. The awareness and popularity of the rallies has steadily increased over the years. Therefore, the zdi center now has the term Register "MINT-Rallye" as a word mark at the German Patent and Trademark Office to let.

MINT rallies are like small fairs in schools. As part of the MINT rallies, companies and institutions from the region have early contact with secondary schools throughout the Steinfurt district. Because they can present their companies and apprenticeships to students in the eighth to tenth grades. As part of their professional orientation, the young professionals gain an insight into a large number of different (training) occupations and corresponding STEM courses or internships. Both sides benefit enormously from the rallies. “The shortage of skilled workers is also particularly high in the Steinfurt district, especially in the MINT professions. With the MINT rallies, we have established an offer in the district with which we can effectively counteract the shortage of skilled workers at the regional level - because the rallies have already resulted in internship and training positions," explains District Administrator Dr. Martin Sommer.

Birgit Neyer (Management WESt), Linda Wiechers and Gabi Wenke (ZDI Center District Steinfurt) and Dr. Martin Sommer (District Administrator District Steinfurt)

And this is how a STEM rally looks like:
The zdi center arranges dates for the rallies with interested schools. Interested companies then register on the agreed dates. The students, in turn, then choose four companies where they would like to attend a one-hour workshop in a small group on the day of the rally. In the workshop itself, practical and practical exercises, such as experiments, trials or typical work assignments, are offered. The professions presented include B. precision mechatronics engineer, chemical engineer or technical product designer.

The word mark is intended to guarantee the quality of the offer

WESt Managing Director Birgit Neyer explains how the term MINT rally came about as a word mark: “The MINT rallies are a real concept for success in the Steinfurt district. The demand from schools and companies has been increasing steadily since 2014, so that the rallies have already firmly established themselves as a brand throughout the district. By registering it as a word mark, we want to ensure that only events organized by us will take place under the name MINT-Rallye in the future, as this is the only way we can continue to guarantee the high quality of the rallies. This step should help ensure that the offer remains as successful as it has been up to now.”

MINT rallies strengthen cooperation between companies and schools

For the year 2022, the zdi center team has planned twelve STEM rallies throughout the Steinfurt district. “The offer is characterized by the direct contact between the students or the schools and the companies. The schools can still use the practical exercises for lessons after the MINT rallies. The students are intensively supervised during the workshops and have the opportunity to get to know and expand their own skills. We offer companies an ideal platform to get in touch with potential junior staff at an early stage. Thanks to this added value on all sides, we have built up a steadily growing network of companies and schools, which is now an integral part of the district," explains Gabi Wenke from the zdi center for the district of Steinfurt. The registration of the word mark MINT-Rallye is a further building block to strengthen this network.

Further information on the MINT rallies can be found on the website of the zdi center district of Steinfurt.

Contact: E-mail to info@zdi-kreis-steinfurt.de or by phone on 02551 69 2775

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