zdi-BarCamp #1: MINT makers from NRW

What is zdi doing in space? How digital is zdi.NRW already and what opportunities and challenges does this entail for STEM education? How can zdi networks reach young people even better via social media channels? At zdi-BarCamp #1, the zdi community spent two days discussing, rethinking zdi, exchanging ideas, networking - and laughing.


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After an initial get-together in a relaxed atmosphere the evening before in the port of Neuss, around 110 participants met in Neuss on the day of the event, including the coordinators of the more than 40 zdi networks and managers of the zdi student laboratories in NRW - despite the considerable challenges caused by the storm Friederike . "Our goal was to offer the coordinators an opportunity to exchange ideas, where they can discuss problems and network, so that working groups may arise from them," explains Kerstin Helmerdig from the zdi office.

This opportunity was gladly accepted and filled with a lot of life. In accordance with the BarCamps event format, no topics were specified in advance. Instead, the participants themselves were able to suggest topics that moved them, about which they wanted to provide impulses or to network. Among other things, concrete consideration was given to what offers for young people on the subject of space travel and space could be created - a topic that was explicitly requested by the young target group at the YouthScienceCamps, the zdi-BarCamp format for young people. Social media and how to use it to engage with young people was also a popular topic of discussion. The YouTuber duo LekkerWissen and the zdi office's social media team presented very practical examples. “There is a good community that I can draw on here. I've done this with neighboring networks before, but now I think it's great to be able to exchange views with networks across the country that have very similar concerns," explained Philip Herzer from the zdi network MINT in the Rhein-Sieg district. "We call ourselves the zdi network - and the nice thing is that we really are an overall network at the event today and yesterday," said participant Crissoula Tolidou.

Whether and how often such a zdi format should take place in the future is something zdi.NRW would like to let the zdi community decide for themselves - a corresponding feedback survey is currently underway.

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