zdi youth advisory board reports on the 2023 community event

Anna-Marie from the zdi youth advisory board was there on September 8th zdi community event there and reports on their impressions and experiences.

Meeting of the zdi community

A circular image of a building with a large metal structure, the Zollverein mine in Essen. This was the location of the zdi community event 2023.
Photo: Anna Marie

On September 8th, the zdi community met in the Zollverein mine. Despite the very warm day, interesting conversations, heated discussions and new input from outsiders arose.

It was particularly refreshing that the event took place in person, as this meant that the discussions took place better and a lively exchange and getting to know each other were possible.

Exciting lectures and intensive discussions

At the start of the event, the audience listened to a video message from Ina Brandes, the Minister for Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia. Then the first keynote speech began with Prof. Dr. Stephan Hankammer. It was primarily about the effects of climate change, how the world could develop further and what new approaches there are to founding sustainable companies. The ensuing discussion in one of the three sessions was very intense. There were questions about the feasibility, financial viability, profitability and efficiency of sustainable companies.

Stephan Hankammer gives a presentation at the zdi community event.
Photo: Anna Marie

During the lunch break that followed, new contacts were made, new ideas about networking and new processes were exchanged, so that we could then listen to the next block of lectures with fresh enthusiasm.

Four arrows show the schedule of the zdi community event.
Graphics: Anna-Marie

Lots of room for exchange

Before the start of the second keynote speech, a long-standing member of the zdi community, Klaus Trimborn, was duly honored with a special certificate of honor. After the second keynote speech about sustainability including the UN Sustainable Development Goals by Rebecca Freitag, there were three sessions again. The session on the topic of “Visibility and networking in the region” was very productive. Through the very intensive exchange in the group, potential network partners were identified and plans were made for the future, with new course formats and advertising strategies to get more people excited about the MINT world.

The zdi community event was well organized and provided a lot of space for exchange and discussion. It was incredibly fun to be there and I went home with lots of new impressions and ideas.

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