Work in the zdi student: interior laboratory teutolab-biotechnologie awarded the LeLa prize

Science to touch, try out and understand. More than 400 student laboratories in Germany offer this. You are making a significant contribution to enabling young people to get STEM education outside of school. School labs and their employees have now received special recognition for this commitment. With the "LeLa Prize"  LernortLabor – Bundesverband der Schülerlabore eV recognizes the outstanding achievements of its members.
This year's winners also included the zdi school laboratory teutolab-biotechnology at the University of Bielefeld. In the "Experiment of the Year" category, it received second place for the interdisciplinary course day "Understanding and Calculating Lactose Intolerance" and prize money of 3.000 euros.

Annkathrin Wenzel from teutolab-biotechnologie accepts the award in the “Experiment of the Year” category, photo: René Plaul, © LernortLabor

Solve real world problems with math

How long does it take for the enzymes in the human body to break down the lactose in a glass of milk? This question forms the basis of an experiment day for schoolchildren. The interdisciplinary character of the experiment is particularly worth mentioning. Because not only the usual references to chemistry and physics are created. In addition, the link between biology and mathematics is a special concern of this concept. Mathematics is used here as a problem-oriented and application-related tool. For example, the young people evaluate and compare the data obtained. In this way, the students can be brought closer to the meaning of mathematics in a real context.

LeLa Prize means appreciation of the work of student laboratories

Annkathrin Wenzel from teutolab-biotechnologie developed the course as part of her doctorate and received the LeLa prize. “I think the idea of ​​the prize is very good. The award winners present their projects, so everyone has the chance to see what great projects there are in other student laboratories. The award ceremony was very nice, especially since all of the award-winning projects were very much appreciated,” commented Wenzel on the LeLa Prize.

Pupils evaluate their enzyme samples, photo: teutolab-biotechnologie

Versatile use of the experiment possible

The award-winning experiment comes with a detailed script, all the necessary instructions, pipetting schemes and a sample solution for the research question. There is also a plan for the preparation of the required chemicals and detailed instructions for the mathematical evaluation of the values ​​collected using Excel.
Since the required chemicals can be used in schools, the experiment is also suitable for mobile student laboratories. In addition, an implementation in the form of an experiment case is conceivable. 

Gladly provides that teutolab-biotechnology makes the course concept available to students interested in laboratories and is available for an exchange of experiences.

Contact: Annkathrin Wenzel, Bielefeld University, didactics of biology (botany & cell biology), 0521 - 1065548 (Tel.), E-mail

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