The zdi community reacts to the corona crisis - first online offers during the Easter holidays

Unfortunately, many of the planned activities of the zdi community had to be canceled during the past Easter holidays. And when the next face-to-face courses can take place is uncertain. But the zdi networks don't splash out and quickly set up a digital Easter holiday program that is impressive.

In just a short time, many zdi networks and zdi school laboratories have developed an online offer for schoolchildren in their region. The first online courses took place during the Easter holidays. In line with the digital conversion of the zdi courses, the coordinators mainly chose topics related to information technology when designing the courses. The coordinators all had positive experiences, including with the various virtual conference rooms. At this point we would like to report on some of the Easter holiday courses. 

zdi network cLEVer Bildungsregion Rhein-Wupper uses the webinar software edudip - edudip is completely DSGVO-compliant

In Leverkusen, the students in the “App Development Online Course” created a web app with a focus on programming with JavaScript and CSS. This course was actually planned as a face-to-face course, but the webinar service provider female:Innovation Hub created the necessary conditions for an online course at short notice.

The webinar software was chosen for the implementation edudip. The software was developed in Germany and is hosted in German data centers. In addition, personal data is only stored on German servers. They are subject to European data protection and are therefore 100 percent GDPR-compliant. The content, lectures and presentations were carried out on edudip. In addition, the lecturers used Discord as a communication channel for the participants/lecturers among themselves or project-related. Only the acronyms of the participants were used here.

Student laboratory at the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences, Hamm location - Here you use the virtual conference room from Discord

At the student laboratory of the HS Hamm-Lippstadt, two courses dealt with programming, app development and web programming. As a virtual conference room, the system was developed by Discord chosen. These two courses were organized as a kind of boot camp and lasted two days. The lecturer at the school laboratory, Nils Reuter, has already conducted other online courses. “Our measures continue to take place on a weekly basis. We are already developing further online workshops on programming with Arduinos, IT security and artificial intelligence," says Reuter. And the students were very satisfied with the offer, "as always," confirms the lecturer with a digital smile.

zdi network technik_mark - Initial concerns about technical implementation were not confirmed

Whether alarm system, banana piano, digital mini drums, game ideas, quiz or vocabulary trainer - with Scratch many programming projects can be implemented. And especially children and young people can be familiarized with the basic concepts of programming with this software. It is also a programming language that can also be easily taught online.
The zdi network technik_mark invited schoolchildren in their region to a two-day workshop to learn this programming language in an online course. They also used the Discord online service. “From the participants’ point of view, we had thought that the setup could lead to certain problems. But fortunately this was not the case! In this case, the technical implementation was uncomplicated,” reports Tharsika Sivalingam, project coordinator at technik_mark.

30 students from the Ennepe-Ruhr district, Hagen and Iserlohn took part and programmed their own game. They were guided and supervised virtually by three lecturers. The feedback was very good. Among other things, the students posted this feedback:

  • "It was great that we managed to program a game."
  • "I learned a lot."
  • "It was a great change at the moment, because you almost always sit at home and aren't allowed to meet up with friends."

Examples of a computer game programmed with Scratch:    

Rhein-Kreis Neuss has had a positive experience with Zoom and is planning further online courses

The Rhein-Kreis Neuss is also preparing for the changed situation due to the corona virus. The zdi network organized the four-day programming course "Python is not a snake". This first online offer of the network was made with the online conference system Zoom implemented. The zdi network hired two lecturers from Coding School Junior. The feedback from the participants was very positive. The technical implementation also worked without any problems. “We are in the process of expanding the range of online courses and, where possible, allowing face-to-face courses that have already been planned to take place online. And we will – also due to the situation – incorporate this into our next six-month program,” predicts Katharina Beckmann from the zdi network Rhein-Kreis Neuss.

zdi network IST.Bochum: Dr. Raphaela Meißner reports on her experiences in the home office

In the summer of 2020, Dr. Raphaela Meißner portrayed as zdi guru. First of all, the zdi coordinator tells us in the video what experiences she has in the home office and why she can also see positive sides of the extraordinary situation despite the cancellation of events.


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