The networker – portrait of zdi guru Raphaela Meißner

Math, computer science, natural sciences and technology are boring and only for nerds? Not correct! zdi guru Raphaela Meißner, as head of the zdi network in Bochum, proves to students every day that MINT is not just programming, mathematical calculations or chemical or physical experiments. MINT is also behind the generation of sounds, the acceleration of a car and behind the pyrotechnics at the concert of your favorite band. We accompanied Raphaela for a day.

For eleven years, Dr. Raphaela Meißner is an integral part of the zdi community. She is still passionate about MINT and shows her commitment in every new course, as if she had only just discovered her passion for MINT. Today Raphaela leads the zdi network IST.Bochum as zdi coordinator. It is no coincidence that she ended up in STEM education: As a physicist with a doctorate, she can and wants to support and motivate young STEM students. It is important to her to show the students how diverse the MINT area is and where MINT is to be found. It can also happen that a course is offered together with the Starlight Express or the Tierpark Bochum.

zdi guru Raphaela Meißner in the rooms of IST.Bochum.

How Raphaela discovered her passion for STEM what a zdi network does and why it is important to link your own interests with your job, you can find out in the brand new zdi-Guru video: 


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Already at the beginning of May we exchanged views with Raphaela via video telephony. She told us how the corona crisis is affecting the work of the zdi network IST.Bochum. Click here for the video.

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And here it goes to the offers of the zdi network IST.Bochum.

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