The maker – a portrait of zdi guru Anne Kleine-Berkenbusch

Physically demanding, intellectually undemanding and not for girls and young women - the craft is still prejudiced in 2021. zdi guru Anne Kleine-Berkenbusch knows very well that these prejudices have nothing to do with reality. That's why she is actively committed to cleaning it up. As a MINT sponsor, at MINT rallies, as a trainer and as a mother. We spent a day visiting the entrepreneur at her Bäumer sanitary & heating company in the Steinfurt district. Also present: Linda Wiechers from zdi-Zentrum Kreis Steinfurt and Niklas Schouwink, trainee at Bäumer.

Together with her husband, Anne Kleine-Berkenbusch runs the Bäumer heating & sanitary company in Steinfurt. As an entrepreneur, she knows how important it is to find suitable young people for your own business. For this reason, she has been taking part in the MINT rally of the zdi-Zentrum Kreis-Steinfurt for several years. Here, regional companies meet students from secondary schools in practical workshops.

Anne Kleine-Berkenbusch and trainee Niklas Schouwink in the Bäumer warehouse.

The students get an insight into the respective MINT professions and at the same time the companies come into contact with potential interns and trainees - a win-win situation. Above all, personal contact with the students is important to Anne Kleine-Berkenbusch - because, especially with regard to manual activities, it is important to do away with stereotypes and to convey how satisfying and multifaceted the activities can be.

How Anne Kleine-Berkenbusch discovered her passion for craftsmanship, what a STEM sponsorship is and why manual trades are the exact opposite of boring, you can find out in the brand new zdi-Guru video: 


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