Today is World Environment Day - for almost 50 years it has been raising awareness for more environmental awareness

World Environment Day, a global day of action proclaimed by the United Nations Environment Program, has existed since 1972. At that time, the first World Environment Conference was held in Stockholm. And since then, on June 5th, around 150 nations have taken part in various activities to draw attention to the endangerment of the global ecosystem. Germany has been involved since 1976, for example with an environmental festival and a bicycle rally in Berlin. Since the 70s, environmental awareness has become more and more anchored in the German population. For children and young people of our time, sustainability is no longer a foreign word.

Research at home - zdi-Zentrum Kreis Borken lends out robots and research kits

Bee bots, blue bots or ozobots - it's not just at the zdi center in Borken that tons of great educational material have been lying unused in the cupboards for weeks. The Borken-based company is now reacting with a creative solution to convey robots and co. to young explorers: they lend their research kits to private households. With great success!

With a hygiene concept against the Corona crisis: Finally on-site courses again

After the 10-week lockdown, the first easing of extracurricular courses has followed in the last few weeks. Finally young people can experiment again and experience MINT. They may also have a lot of catching up to do after weeks of homeschooling. This also applies to extracurricular offers such as zdi courses, which could also hardly be offered or only offered online. As a result, great new digital course offerings have been developed. Nevertheless, the equipment for experimenting that is available in the zdi student laboratories is difficult to transport to each individual household. "One of our core pillars of the EnergyLab is to learn about technology and natural sciences through experimentation," says Dr. Thorsten Balgar, zdi coordinator in Gelsenkirchen.

Gladbach's zdi network is going through the crisis innovatively with digital communication

What to do if partner meetings cannot be held? When physical contact is prohibited? So how can networking work? The current situation due to the corona pandemic is forcing the zdi community to find numerous new solutions for work. In Mönchengladbach, the zdi network has now used a video for digital communication instead of an on-site partner meeting. With unexpected success.

Klaus Kaiser turns to the zdi community: "Strong in the crisis"

On the occasion of the challenges that the zdi community is currently having to deal with at work due to the corona pandemic, the Parliamentary State Secretary responsible for zdi in the NRW Ministry of Science, Klaus Kaiser, contacted the local actors. In his letter, he thanks in particular for the effort that the zdi networks and zdi school labs take to offer great MINT projects even in this situation.

15 years zdi | 2018 - The zdi gurus: STEM success stories made in NRW

Improving the world with MINT, being a MINT tutor or going to the “lion’s den” through zdi: Since 2018, the stories of the people behind zdi. NRW recorded in the form of the zdi gurus. They are young women and men who have discovered their enthusiasm for the STEM field through and through zdi and are now passing this enthusiasm on to the next generation of STEM. 

15 years zdi | 2019 - Science Video Award: Research spirit and motivation in young minds

In November 2019, the winners of the first Science Video Awards were chosen in Cologne. At a festive award ceremony with a red carpet, live experiments and a big screen, the winners took center stage and received a lot of applause for their submissions. But the award ceremony was only the highlight, the goal of an exciting process that was designed by students, STEM actors and video experts together.

The world improver - zdi guru Lena Hagenauer in portrait

Make the world a little bit better every day with MINT? zdi makes it possible! This is proven by our zdi guru Lena Hagenauer, who first came into contact with MINT through zdi. Since then, Lena has been very active in IT and technology. She recently completed her studies in applied computer science, is passionate about passing on her experience to the next generation and is committed to equal opportunities and inclusion with the help of 3D printers, robots and the like.

zdi vs. Corona: With 3D printers against the spread of COVID-19

Protect medical staff from infection with corona viruses with the help of milling machines and 3D printers? zdi actors make it possible! Across the country, zdi student laboratories, network partners and locations of zdi networks are involved in the vital production of protective visors for the face. Ascending trend.