MINT community has one new location: PhänomexX laboratory opened in Unna

From left to right: Jürgen Schneider (board member of the Sparkasse UnnaKamen), Gaby Sowka (headmaster of the Peter Weiss comprehensive school), Reinhard Böhm (PhänomexX eV), Katrin Sagurna (MINT representative of the PWG), Matthias Müller (zdi network perspective technology), Anna Weber (PhänomexX eV), Gregor Frankenstein (zdi state office), Dirk Wigant (Mayor of the city of Unna), Carola Schöfisch (head of the school administration)

On Friday, November 17th, a student laboratory based on the PhänomexX concept was opened at the Peter Weiss Comprehensive School in Unna.

MINT scene visits NRW

The zdi regional office was already able to exchange ideas with the MINTvernetzt team during speed dating in the spring.

On November 20th, the MINT Campus invited the Germany-wide MINT scene to the MINT Campus Day in Cologne to exchange ideas and learn and teach together in workshops and lectures. Of course, the zdi community shouldn’t be missing!

zdi technical center Waltrop opened

From left to right: Marcel Mittelbach, Magdalena Hein, Nika Rogar, Theo Milte, Nico Dittrich, Ina Brandes, Karl-Josef Laumann, Ahmet Akbulut, Markus Real, Astrid Fuhrmann and Josef Hovenjürgen

The newly opened zdi technical center in Waltrop is an extracurricular learning location with a role model. The state initiatives zdi.NRW and KAoA work together to secure skilled workers in NRW.

zdi Girls Camp 2023: MINT educational opportunities for everyone

On October 26th, the zdi girls camp took place for the second time at the highlight of this year's Heroine October. At the girls' camp, the community can show what it has to offer in terms of STEM girls' work. The offers are also put to the test: What are young people - especially girls - really interested in and how can enthusiasm for technology be aroused? In over 13 workshops, students from the Gütersloh district were able to try out MINT educational opportunities together, examine them closely and give feedback.

Anniversary: ​​15 years of the zdi center ANTalive

The photo shows from left to right: Georg Mertens, Ralf Holtkötter, Wilhelm Grafen, Brigitte Capune-Kitka, Ina Brandes, Markus Ramers, Frank Peter Ullrich, Jennifer Gramm, Sybille Haußmann

The topics and projects of the zdi center ANTalive over the last 15 years were colorful and varied and yet they had one thing in common: the goal of making MINT understandable, tangible and tangible for young people. On September 4th, the network celebrated its 15th anniversary.