zdi-Schüler:innenlabor GeoIT takes 3rd place in ERRE.Stars

The team of the GeoIT student laboratory with State Secretary of the Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Christoph Dammermann. ©Bernd Lauter Photo: Bernd Lauter/berndlauter.com

As part of the ERDF.Stars competition, the zdi student laboratory GeoIT was voted 35rd among 3 other ERDF projects.

Environmental protection concerns us all - a topic dossier

The topics of environmental protection and combating climate change are the focus of public interest and have a major impact on business and politics. But the life of each individual is also affected to varying degrees. Many young people want to change the situation and are increasingly committed to sustainable environmental policy.

Today is World Environment Day - for almost 50 years it has been raising awareness for more environmental awareness

World Environment Day, a global day of action proclaimed by the United Nations Environment Program, has existed since 1972. At that time, the first World Environment Conference was held in Stockholm. And since then, on June 5th, around 150 nations have taken part in various activities to draw attention to the endangerment of the global ecosystem. Germany has been involved since 1976, for example with an environmental festival and a bicycle rally in Berlin. Since the 70s, environmental awareness has become more and more anchored in the German population. For children and young people of our time, sustainability is no longer a foreign word.