Science Video Award 2022 - The countdown is on to the STEM video competition

This year, too, children and young people can put their film skills and MINT knowledge to the test: On 03 September 2022 finds the grand finale of the STEM video competition, dem Science Video Awards, instead of!

The final takes place in the DASA in Dortmund takes place and can also be visited spontaneously without registration. A top-class jury of scientists and video professionals selects the winners of the three main categories:

  • RE•use | RE•duce | RE•cycle – make new from old – Ideas for environmental protection can be conveyed in this category
  • Open category – Everything is possible here that shows a successful combination of science and video. Whether live action, animation or stop-trick, everything is welcome in the open category.
  • Best science clip – Even 15-second short videos in the style of Instagram stories or TikTok videos can be submitted here.

The jury includes MINTfluencerin, among others @the scientist Amelie Reigl and the YouTubers Ann-Kathrin Dragesser and Sarah Kron from So many tabs.

But you can also be part of the jury, because the audience will choose a winner on site: in the category crowd favourite you can give your vote to your favorite video among the winner videos!

During the award ceremony, prizes with a total value of 1.200 euros will be awarded!


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The Science Video Award Ceremony 2021 can be viewed here.

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