Science League: Completed the first day of play

In the Science League - the new format of zdi.NRW - ten teams from all over NRW compete for an annual task from the STEM field. On February 13, the first of a total of five match days came to an end. How did the teams fare? And what lessons could be learned from the first matchday?

Score after matchday 1

The picture shows the table with the score after the 1st matchday: 1st Hammer Engineers, 8,75 points, 2nd cool.MINT.Paderborn, 8,14 points, 3rd JAG Bottrop, 8,0 points, 4th wet Lüftchen, 5,57 points, 5th Affenbande, 5,21 points, 6th Banana Hunter, 5,0 points, 7th Kebab Connection, 4,89 points, 8th nordrawhs elibom muuteprep, 4,65 points, 9th group Incompetent 3,29 points, 10th E&E, 0 points.
Table rounded to 2 decimal places.

The task that the teams were allowed to face on the first day of the game revolved around the topic of "energy production". The teams should find a way to develop a renewable energy source. The teams were completely free to choose the type of energy source they wanted.

The entries were correspondingly diverse: Not only different energy sources such as sun and wind were considered. The teams also used very different approaches to presenting their results. Videos as well as PowerPoint and photo documentation were represented, and one team even produced a podcast.

Two women and a robot work in a greenhouse powered by solar power and wind turbines.

Learnings for game day 2

The jury was enthusiastic about the creativity with which the students faced the first task. Nevertheless, the Science League team would like to make the results more comparable in the next game round. Therefore, there should be a small guide for the next game day that the teams can use to create the presentation. The second day of play will take place on March 20th and will deal with the topic of "energy storage". The winning team of the Science League will be chosen at a closing ceremony after the end of the last day of play in June.

We also dealt with the topic of "energy storage" in an article under the magnifying glass. Click here to contribute:

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