Relaunch of the zdi community platform

The graphic shows the new logo of the zdi community platform. It features a dark blue C that fades into an orange P. Next to it is zdi.NRW Community Platform written in gray and dark blue

The zdi community platform shines in new splendor since the relaunch! After an extensive overhaul and redesign, the platform is now even clearer, easier to use and has new functions.

What's new?

In addition to a new design, many new and useful functions await you after the relaunch on the zdi community platform, which we would like to briefly present here:

The new functions at a glance

The image has a decorative function. It stands symbolically for the term friend finder. In a blue circle we see a list of different people in white, with a magnifying glass next to it.

Access to the platform is more user-friendly and simpler. In order to reach more young people, everything is under the motto: Mobile first! There are now two target group-specific dashboards (= user interfaces): for the adult target group (coordinators, course leaders, etc.) and for the students. This makes the user journey more intuitive and target group-specific.

The image has a decorative function. It stands symbolically for the term form. A screen is shown in white in a blue circle. On it is hinted text, once ticked and once crossed.

This is also new Learning Management System (LMS). There are now on-demand e-learning training courses, especially for schoolchildren. These courses can also serve as teasers or taster courses for the face-to-face courses of the zdi networks and zdi student laboratories. Also online training courses zdi Academy you can find here.

The image has a decorative function. It is symbolic of the term feedback. It shows a blue circle. Inside is a browser window in white with hinted text and a check mark. A hand makes the tick.

The Creation of courses is now direct in the frontend possible and will be even easier for you.

The image has a decorative function. It stands symbolically for the term application. In a blue circle we see in white a form with suggested text and image held by a hand.

As an innovation there is now also wanted letters, i.e. short descriptions, of the zdi networks and the zdi student:internal laboratories. We have already transferred and created these descriptions for you, you can now add to and change them yourself.

The image has a decorative function. It symbolizes the concept of teamwork. In a blue circle we see another circle with six nodes. Three people stand close together in the center of the circle.

The community remains in focus: of course they are Groups furthermore the online exchange place that can arise from online or offline courses. Here young people can exchange ideas and build on the knowledge from basic or on-site courses.

Contact persons: inside

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the relaunch and the zdi community platform:

Gordon Drabnitzke-Grüten: A man in a blue sweater and glasses.

Gordon Drabnitzke-Grüten

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