Raffle for the opening of the MINT book club

The image has a decorative function. It shows a robot sitting on a stack of books and reading a book with a smile. In the background you can see many stacks of books and a fireplace, in the foreground there is a potted plant and a dino is sleeping in front of an open book.

Whether it’s Christian, who is not a math buff, who solves a criminal case about prime numbers during the holidays, or Elisabeth, who lives out her love of chemistry in her own cooking TV show: embedded in an exciting story with intoxicating protagonists, mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology can be explored communicate well to all age groups.

Today is not only Valentine's Day, but also international Give a Book Day! We take that to heart and would like to give away books!

At the start of STEM book clubs on zdi community platform we are therefore giving away three STEM books! The winners can choose one of the books from our recommendation page on zdi-portal.de.

In the MINT book club you can talk about your favorite books, recommend books and get tips for new reading material. Show the community what they are reading and write a short book review or recommendation. We are giving away three books from among the posts received in the MINT book club by March 14.03.23th, XNUMX!

To the MINT book club: zdi networks, zdi school labs & communication groups — zdi community platform (mint-community.de)

Terms of participation: Conditions of participation in the MINT book club raffle — zdi community platform (mint-community.de)

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