15 years zdi | 2019 - Science Video Award: Research spirit and motivation in young minds

In November 2019, the winners of the first Science Video Awards were chosen in Cologne. At a festive award ceremony with a red carpet, live experiments and a big screen, the winners took center stage and received a lot of applause for their submissions. But the award ceremony was only the highlight, the goal of an exciting process that was designed by students, STEM actors and video experts together.

The world improver - zdi guru Lena Hagenauer in portrait

Make the world a little bit better every day with MINT? zdi makes it possible! This is proven by our zdi guru Lena Hagenauer, who first came into contact with MINT through zdi. Since then, Lena has been very active in IT and technology. She recently completed her studies in applied computer science, is passionate about passing on her experience to the next generation and is committed to equal opportunities and inclusion with the help of 3D printers, robots and the like.

zdi vs. Corona: With 3D printers against the spread of COVID-19

Protect medical staff from infection with corona viruses with the help of milling machines and 3D printers? zdi actors make it possible! Across the country, zdi student laboratories, network partners and locations of zdi networks are involved in the vital production of protective visors for the face. Ascending trend.  

Cooperation between school and university - digital education in focus

Back row (from left to right): Thorsten Kluger (Deputy Headmaster), Maik Bäumer (Head of Administration Anne Frank High School), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Petra Rolfes-Gehrmann, Prof. Dr. Peter Britz, Prof. Dr.-Ing Jens Spirgatis (Department Hamm 2, HSHL) Front row (from left to right): Marcel Damberg (Principal), Prof. Dr. Klaus Zeppenfeld (HSHL President)

The Anne-Frank-Gymnasium Werne and the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences recently sealed their partnership with a cooperation agreement, thereby strengthening the MINT profile of the grammar school. Principal Marcel Damberg and HSHL President Professor Dr. Klaus Zeppenfeld agreed on the joint support of students, especially in the MINT subject areas. In this way, the university gives high school students the opportunity to visit the zdi student laboratory on the Hamm campus regularly. Concrete offers for study orientation, such as taster courses, guest lectures or university tours are agreed individually between the partners. With this collaboration, the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences is entering into its 19th school partnership. "Cooperation with schools is very important to us, because we want to show the potential of MINT at an early stage and inspire students and teachers alike," says Zeppenfeld. Professor Dr. Peter Britz...