Official opening of the zdi school laboratory F.LUX in Arnsberg

State Secretary Kaiser appreciates the commitment of the partners: "practical and sustainably designed zdi school laboratory"

The zdi school laboratory F.LUX, which opened today in Arnsberg, is dedicated to the history, present and future of "making light". At the opening ceremony of the student research laboratory, Klaus Kaiser, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, praised the commitment of the partners who "designed and implemented the F.LUX in a practical and sustainable manner". It is affiliated with the Lichtforum NRW, so that it is supported indirectly by companies in the lighting and lighting industry in the South Westphalia region.

Claus Kaiser explains: "Showing the variety of employment opportunities and conveying the fascination for light - that is the strength of this zdi school laboratory. In the F.LUX, children and young people can come into contact with an important branch of industry at an early age. Through the close cooperation with the regional economy, topics are set here that can contribute in the long term to inspiring young people for the region and the lighting industry".

Build flashlights yourself - it's possible in the F.LUX

In terms of content, children and young people can deal with various aspects of light in the F.LUX. A large number of historical lamps and lights show how artificial light was produced in the past. Large and small structures make it clear what light is and explain the technical background of today's and tomorrow's lighting.

Various devices and tools are available to realize your own ideas. For example, there are courses in which color spectra are explained, flashlights are built, or lampshades are made with a 3D printer. The offers are aimed at schoolchildren from the 3rd grade upwards.

The F.LUX is funded, among other things, with funds from the European Fund for Regional Development with a total of around 120.000 euros.

Further information on the F.LUX is available at:

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