Review of the World Robot Olympiad 2022

The picture shows the Messe Dortmund venue from the outside.

We look back on an exciting and eventful event. The World Finals of the WRO (World Robot Olympiad) 2022 took place from November 17th to 19.11th. held in Dortmund. 365 teams from 73 countries were able to compete in the areas of the Starter Program, Future Innovators, Future Engineers, Robosports and Robomission and demonstrate their skills – or the skills of their robots. It was a unique opportunity for the teams to take part in a robot Olympics in Germany.

In addition to exciting competitions, visitors and participants also had the opportunity to look at the ideas and developments of the Future Innovators and Future Engineers teams at their stands.

zdi as an exhibitor on site

zdi.NRW was represented as an exhibitor with its own stand together with the zdi network Minden-Lübbecke. The stand was supported by representatives from the zdi networks, who were there with exciting hands-on activities over the three days:

  • The zdi network MINT Düsseldorf was there with a VR game on the subject of energy efficiency.
  • The zdi school laboratory MExLab Experiments from Münster had brought a mobile environmental laboratory in the form of a cargo bike.
  • The zdi centers Bottrop & Oberhausen were at the booth with a 3D printer and modular printable robots.
  • In the zdi center Hamm you could try hacking tools.
  • The zdi center BeST Wuppertal was there with hands-on experiments, including mini robots to build yourself.
  • The zdi network perspective technology eV from Unna was on site with an interactive model to explain renewable energies.
  • The zdi network Minden-Lübbecke was represented with a large action area with many hands-on activities. There was also visual aids available at the stand zdi robo competition.
  • The Science Show AG of the Gymnasium Stift Keppel also provided three performances for the show elements at the stand. With their science show, they showed how a shell can be filled with air as quickly as possible or how an electric circuit can be closed with the help of the audience.
  • The zdi network IST.Bochum had Hilde and Elisabeth with them, two Nao robots that could be programmed on site. They had also brought a mini SmartHome for programming.

A zdi success story

A great zdi success story: The Schollibotics from the Geschwister Scholl Comprehensive School in Lünen made it into the top 15 in the Future Innovators category with their smart everyday supporters for people with dementia or other disabilities. The zdi network Perspektive Technik eV from Unna supports the team.

The Schollibotics team: Niklas, Paul and Kyell

After the WRO is before the WRO

The 2023 season starts in May, registration has been open since November 04.11.2022th, 16. The German final will be held in Freiburg on June 17th and 07th next year, the next world final will take place in Panama from November 09th to 2023th, XNUMX.

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