zdi-Schüler:innenlabor GeoIT takes 3rd place in ERRE.Stars

The team of the GeoIT student laboratory with State Secretary of the Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Christoph Dammermann. ©Bernd Lauter Photo: Bernd Lauter/berndlauter.com

As part of the ERDF.Stars competition, the zdi student laboratory GeoIT was voted 35rd among 3 other ERDF projects.

Three zdi actors awarded the LeLa Prize

Two zdi school labs and a program sponsored by the zdi center ANTalive are awarded the Lela Prize. A key criterion for awarding the prize is that the award-winning offers can also be used by other student laboratories.

Coding & Making in Bochum Langendreer - Second location of the zdi school laboratory opened

"Mobile phones are being soldered again in Bochum" – that's actually the name of the first workshop in the new zdi school laboratory Innovation.School.Technology (located in the city library of Langendreer). Because after 8 years of waiting, the high-quality assembly furniture that was rescued from the last NOKIA factory in Bochum has finally found a new location. The official opening on October 14, 2020 was taken over by Mayor Thomas Eiskirch.