6 tips for STEM girls work...

The welcome speeches at the zdi girls' camp caused enthusiasm among the schoolgirls.

With a stable proportion of girls of around 45% in the zdi measures carried out, the MINT girls' work at zdi.NRW has proven to be particularly successful. Which measures contribute to this?

"Electrical engineering instead of Bibi's Beauty Palace"

fltr: Juliane Orth, Gesche Neusel, Kerstin Helmerdig, Elin, Annika, Vera Bauer, Prof. Dr. Susanne Keil © Martin J. Schulz

On March 31, the research team from "gender2technik" presented the results of the "Electrical engineering instead of Bibis Beauty Palace" project. The question: How does technical journalism become interesting for girls and young women? During the panel discussion that followed, Kerstin Helmerdig from the zdi regional office discussed the results with other experts.

zdi-Girls-Camp: Pupils develop practical approaches to support girls in the STEM field

From left to right: District Administrator Frank Rock, Mayor Susanna Stupp, Minister Ina Brandes, student Lena Engel, chemical laboratory assistant Pia Münstermann and zdi coordinator Axel Tillmanns

How can we get girls excited about STEM? What wishes, requirements and ideas does the target group itself have? And why are some sciences more popular with girls than others? The first zdi girls' camp in Frechen on October 28 revolved around these and other questions.

Interview: process engineer Dr'in Nina Woicke on bio-based plastics

Nina Woicke is a process engineering engineer and freelance consultant and product developer. She is passionate about very special plastics and their practical applications. Which plastics are involved, why plastic per se is not "evil" and how Nina Woicke came to study engineering - she spoke to Sandra Fleckenstein about this in the #ResearchersFriday podcast.

zdi heroines polaroid campaign

In October 2022, zdi.NRW will focus on personal stories, projects and topics related to MINT and girls and young women: Every day we want a woman who works in a MINT profession, is doing a MINT training or a MINT subject introduce studied.