zdi community event 2023

Exchange, network, impulses: Under this motto, the NRW-wide zdi community came together for the zdi community event to exchange ideas about the trends in extracurricular MINT education.

Anniversary: ​​15 years of the zdi center ANTalive

The photo shows from left to right: Georg Mertens, Ralf Holtkötter, Wilhelm Grafen, Brigitte Capune-Kitka, Ina Brandes, Markus Ramers, Frank Peter Ullrich, Jennifer Gramm, Sybille Haußmann

The topics and projects of the zdi center ANTalive over the last 15 years were colorful and varied and yet they had one thing in common: the goal of making MINT understandable, tangible and tangible for young people. On September 4th, the network celebrated its 15th anniversary.

Change in the zdi country coordination

Claas Niehues

On August 2023, XNUMX, Claas Niehues will succeed Klaus Trimborn, director of studies, as zdi country coordinator. When he took up his new position, he took the time to talk to us about himself, his new role and zdi.NRW.