The world improver - zdi guru Lena Hagenauer in portrait

Make the world a little bit better every day with MINT? zdi makes it possible! This is proven by our zdi guru Lena Hagenauer, who first came into contact with MINT through zdi. Since then, Lena has been very active in IT and technology. She recently completed her studies in applied computer science, is passionate about passing on her experience to the next generation and is committed to equal opportunities and inclusion with the help of 3D printers, robots and the like.

Lena looks after the Roboter AG in Sydney.

The zdi-Robot competition was a drastic experience in Lena's life, because here she is with 15 years discovered her passion for robotics, programming and technologyBut bLena did not leave it at her own participation in the robot competition. She liked the concept so much that she founded her own robot club at the BMV school in Essen to make it easier for other students to access STEM. With complete success: the competition team of the AG, whom Lena still looks after today, was in Sydney last year at the world finals of RoboCup took part (Here it goes to Travel Diary). And Lena was already on the jury of the zdi robot competition!

What drives Lena how come FabLab at HRW (by the way too Location aes zdi-Student Labs) her favorite place is and like Lenhe granny benefited from it, you can find out in the brand new zdi-Guru video: 


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