Attention zdi community: Start new funding programs

In order to finance projects, many zdi networks and zdi student laboratories use public funding. Several programs will start in autumn 2021 that may be of interest to the zdi community. First information can be found in this article on:

  • zdi-REACT-EU
  • Information on the ERASMUS+ funding program
  • Action program to catch up after Corona
  • MSB school mail from August 12.08.2021th, XNUMX

New funding program zdi-REACT-EU: Up to 60.000 euros in material funds

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia wants to specifically support the digitization of extracurricular learning locations. From the zdi-REACT-EU program, e.g. B. School labs receive up to €60.000 to set up and expand their digital infrastructure. A total of up to 4,8 million euros from REACT-EU will be made available for the program and can be applied for in two application rounds in 2021. It is possible to submit applications to the district government of Detmold on September 30th and December 31st, 2021.

Any extracurricular place of learning can apply for this program. The funds are only available for material expenses. Eligible to apply are public or non-profit providers of school and extracurricular educational and further training institutions, associations, clubs, unions and small and medium-sized companies. The funding rate is up to 100%. By the end of the requested project at the latest, a didactic concept must be submitted that pedagogically justifies the planning and use of the procured infrastructure.

All documents and information required for an application as well as the guideline on the granting of grants to support virtual school laboratories at extracurricular learning locations in North Rhine-Westphalia (RL zdi-REACT-EU) are available here:

District government of Detmold
Department 34
Leopoldstr. 15
32756 Detmold
Contact person: Sarah Stephan
Tel: 05231 / 71 3406-

In addition, the zdi regional office will be happy to advise you if you have any questions about the program.

Contact/contact person:
Werner Pfeifenroth
Telephone: 0211 75707-25 

zdi-goes-Europe - what's in it for networks and student laboratories?

Interesting opportunities to work with European partner organizations in the field of STEM education and career guidance!

The ERASMUS+ funding program operates in the field of education (school education, higher education, vocational training and adult education).

The area of ​​vocational training is particularly interesting for zdi actors, since projects with students who are committed to career orientation are also funded here. Unfortunately, the study orientation is not eligible for funding. However, higher education institutions that carry out vocational orientation with SuS can also be funded. The project must be located under one of these main topics: Inclusion and Diversity | Digital Transformation | participation in democratic life Sustainability, environment and climate goals.

EU funding is complicated? That's true, but in the new funding period 2021-2027 there is now the funding instrument of "small scale partnerships":

Administrative expenses: Significantly reduced Financing: Flat rate 30.000 euros or 60.000 euros - depending on the planned activities and results

Project consortium needs at least 2 partners from 2 EU member states.

Project duration: between 6 and 24 months, depending on the goal of the project and the scope of the planned activities

Project start: if you apply by November 3, 2021 between March 01.03.2022, 31.05.2022 and May XNUMX, XNUMX zdi-LGS will be happy to support you on your way to your first EU project!

Contact person:
Susanne Jakobs-Bohack
Phone: 0208 30004-41

All information can also be found on the MINT community platform:

Action program catching up after Corona for children and young people - implementation specifically for school laboratories!

For information, these are the excerpts from the preliminary tender:

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) provide financial resources for measures to compensate children and young people for deficits caused by the pandemic. School labs can make an important contribution: as extracurricular places of learning, far away from the school framework. The focus of the student labs on the development of problem-solving skills and the authentic, often research-oriented environment promote the positive effects on the ability self-concept and learning motivation. 

funding goal 
With the help of this funding program, school laboratories should be able to offer and carry out special extracurricular activities for children and young people who have learning deficits due to the pandemic. The content of the offers does not have to be based on the teaching content of the school. 

In order to achieve the funding goal, the special situation of the target group must be taken into account. It requires an adjustment of the offer and results in additional effort when conducting the courses. Additional (social) pedagogical support may also be required accordingly.  

subject of the promotion 
The implementation of existing courses and their adaptation to the special target group is funded. Afternoon, weekend and holiday offers are possible, as is the (additional) use of mobile offers and digital content.  

School labs and school lab networks from all over Germany can apply. 
As soon as the final tender is available, we will forward the specific information. 
The Federal Association of Student Laboratories LernortLabor (LeLa), supported by the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg, is responsible for implementing the program. 

MSB school mail from August 12.08.2021th, XNUMX

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the school mail from the MSB of August 12.08.2021th, XNUMX:

There you will find information on the cooperation of schools with external partners at the beginning of the new school year.

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