2nd Advent | Digital courses & the zdi robot competition

Due to the corona pandemic, many zdi events did not take place or were realized as online offers. This also applies to the zdi robot competition, which had to be suspended from March. In order to offer young people the opportunity to get involved with programming, robotics courses were offered on the zdi community platform and conducted digitally in autumn.

The robot drives over the playmat. The students who programmed him hold their breath in excitement – ​​will he be able to complete all the tasks? He turns, lifts something, follows a line. Relief at the end. He did what he was supposed to. The virtual playmat window closes and the group is back together in the online course. Applause via webcam.

Digital Course offerings have shaped zdi more this year than in any previous year. The pandemic has shut down networks and student labs forced to look for alternatives in their course implementation. In March and April, one of the highlights of the year in the zdi calendar hit directly: the robot competition had to be cancelled. 

That way robotics fans still get their money's worth, the zdi robot team has come up with an alternative online offer planned for November and December 2020. In online robotics courses, young people as well as teachers learn how to program EV3 robots. In the advanced courses these robots could ashow their skills on a virtual 3D mat. While not the same as the robot competition, it is a good alternative during pandemic and lockdown light to engage in coding outside of school.

Tsubject with traditional value 

The subject of robotics has a long tradition at zdi. The robot competition has existed practically since the beginning of the initiative. The subject area includes two complex disciplines from the MINT area, computer science and mechanics, which must be masterfully applied for successful participation in the robot competition. Also in the holiday courses from zdi robotics courses always enjoyed great popularity.

Curious? Then here are the other stories about the robot competition and online offers from the zdi networks.

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Digital Robotics Courses

Programming a robot in an online course? Or plan environmental measurements? At zdi there are now numerous courses that students can take part in from home. To the course offer.

From Hopsten to Atlanta

In one of the first zdi robot competitions, the "Allrounders?!" team managed to make it to the world finals of the First Lego League. We talk to a former team member about the time back then - and his professional career. To the report.

15 years zdi robot competition

Starting with 40 teams in the first year 2006, around 1300 teams and around 11.000 students have now taken part in the zdi robot competition. A success-story.

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