15 years zdi | 2019 - Science Video Award: Research spirit and motivation in young minds

Im November 2019, the winners of the first Science Video Awards were chosen in Cologne. at The award ceremony with a red carpet, live experiments and a big screen focused on the winners and received a lot of applause for their submissions. But the award ceremony was only the highlight, the goal of an exciting process that was attended by students, STEM actors and video expert* inside was designed together.  

The birth of the Science Video Awards 

Already sfor many years find in different zdi-Networks so-called "STEMYouTube“ courses take place. These are courses in which the participants Videos on the subject "MINT" conceive, rotate and cut. And that independently! In these videos, the students mostly deal with experiments, explanations of STEM phenomena, IDEAen of professional fields (job flaps) or with a documentary about a certain animal. 

The multitude of well-produced videos led to the idea that to award the best. The Science Video Award was born! 


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Who were the initiators of the first Science Video Awards? 

The award was made in cooperation with Tasty knowledge (YouTuber and lecturers from many STEMYouTube-courses), the University of Cologne, the University of Munster and the  Odysseum Cologne as a dischargeungBlack organized. In its first year, the entire competition took place under the patronage of Klaus Kaiser, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia. 

The jury 

To the jury members belonged to the award Science Influencer*Inside such as Doctor What or Katja Sterzik (echonaut.science)science journalismt*inside and Expert*inen from the "Video" section. The jury did not have an easy job. By the Engagement many zdi-Networks, the possibility of submitting was offered to many students. ÜOver 100 participants took part and submitted their videos. 

The Awards 

The winners were awarded in the four categories "Best Design", "Funniest Video" and "Best Explanation". There was also a special prize, the "Day's Victory", which was awarded by the audience across all categories. 
The girls' group from the Pascal-Gymnasium in Grevenbroich, consisting of Christina, Rebecca and Merle, won in the "Best Explanation" category and were also able to take home the prize as winners of the day!


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With her movie "CO2 – the elixir of life” the three showed students with great attention to detail, like CO2 determines all life on earth. In doing so, they far exceeded the expectations of scientific communication and used creative image design options to make scientific connections tangible for the viewers with visual storytelling. This honored the jury and also the local audience. 

As part of the 15-year zdi anniversary, we were able to do a recap of the award with the three:

Hello you three, what did you think of the first Science Video Award? 

"The Science Video Award was a really very successful event. The various contributions of the students*Inside all captivated us with their creative and often funny ideas and on top of that we learned a lot of new things. It was just nice to see how much research spirit and motivation there is in all the young minds!” 

What was your motivation for taking part in the award? 

"The natural sciences allowed us to discover so many exciting things during our school days and we simply wanted to pass this on and motivate others to deal with STEM subjects."  
Why is it fun to combine STEM and video? 

"Natural sciences don't have to be "dry subjects" and that is exactly what is best shown in short films that are varied and often funny. STEM also means getting to the bottom of things and investigating!”  
Would you recommend the award and if so, why? 

“We would definitely recommend the award. Not only did we learn a lot during the production of our video, but had also incredible fun. Being able to watch the great videos of the other groups was the icing on the cake ;)" 

You can find more winners and exciting videos here look at.

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