15 years zdi | 2017 - Integration through MINT made in NRW

On the first of September, tens of thousands of trainees across Germany are starting their new careers. In 2017, eight girls with a migration background were able to try out five apprenticeships at Kaldewei.

Today is September 01st, 2020. For many young people, the beginning of their journey through professional life begins today. The start of training. Training in the STEM field is also an important topic at #zdiNRW. 

The vacation courseEnamel, paint and fire mini bathtubs" found 2017 in cooperation with the PhenonmexxXCampus,m zdi-Networks in the district of Warendorf and the company Kaldewei instead. Eight schoolgirls with a migration background and two girls who speak German as their mother tongue spent a week during the summer holidays getting to know surface treatment in the metal and plastics industry. The girls were guests at Kaldewei's in-house training facility. 

For a week, the girls learned theoretically and practically how, for example, bathtubs are processed and enamelled. The two German-speaking girls acted as mentors, the eight otherparticipants helped, among other things, to understand the German (technical) terms. The following professions were presented: Process mechanic, tool mechanic, industrial mechanic, process mechanic for plastics and rubber technique sosuch as scientific and technical courses. 


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"Prospects for the professional future"

Barbara Köß is the coordinator of the zdi network in the district of Warendorf and was involved in organizing the course. In an interview with zdi-LGS, she explains why it is important to give young people the opportunity to deal with MINT professions and how MINT can contribute to integration. 

Hello Barbara, why is it important to show young people which apprenticeships the STEM field has to offer?

Many young people usually only know the professions that are generally well known. It is precisely through practical courses that they can gain great experience in previously unknown professions and thus expand their chances of getting an apprenticeship.

Why is it important to have a special focus on girls and young women?

Girls in particular often lose their connection to STEM topics as they get older, although they still had a lot of fun discovering and researching as children. Many girls are then also not interested in technical professions because they have completely lost their “field of vision”. That is why girls and young women should be specifically addressed for these topics.

What can STEM contribute to the topic of "integration"?

Integration is particularly successful when the people here with us have prospects for their future. Above all, this also means being able to learn a profession that suits them and from which they can make a good living. The STEM field has a lot to offer: Opportunities and Fun. The experimental character and the practical relevance of the courses give the young people a good insight into the professions, especially if there are still language barriers, and offer positive experiences and a sense of achievement)

Mentors were also involved in the project. Why should more young people get involved?

There are many young people who do voluntary work for others because they realize that they are needed and that it helps.
That is also the case here: helping your classmates and at the same time learning something yourself is useful and fun.

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