Tender for communication means zdi.NRW

The client (matrix GmbH & Co. KG) acts as a national office for the Community initiative zdi.NRW (http://www.zdi-portal.de) for the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia. In this role, the client procures communication resources for a total of 152 regional actors throughout North Rhine-Westphalia, financed by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. These are 52 zdi networks and 100 zdi student laboratories.

The number of communication tools that can be ordered by individual actors is limited to:

  • Beach flag: maximum 4 pieces
  • Roll up 85×200 cm: maximum 4 pieces
  • LED wall 100×200 cm: maximum 2 pieces
  • LED exhibition wall 200×200 cm: maximum 1 piece
  • Trade fair counter: maximum 1 piece

Each means of communication has an imputed “price” (as a gross amount). These “prices” come from previous market research and are in no way binding for the bidders’ offers. Each actor can put together a package with a calculated equivalent value of a maximum of 2.310,92 euros net (excl. VAT). It is possible that this amount and the quantities mentioned above will not be reached in “individual orders”.

The individual means of communication can each be printed individually. The graphic templates provided for this purpose as well as the graphic customization options are those specified in the tender documents Landing Page to be taken precisely. It is intended and desired that all means of communication be printed slightly differently. These differences relate to the different logos, claims and web addresses to be used in the graphic templates visible on the landing page. The print data is created centrally by the client and checked for quality and completeness and delivered to the contractor.

A central communication interface is set up at the client's site. The contractor communicates exclusively with this office. From her, the contractor receives the print data that has previously been checked for content and quality.

The esteemed Total value amounts to up to € 405.000,00 excluding VAT and consists of around €355.000,00 for the procurement of means of communication and an additional two times of around €25.000,00 excluding VAT for the years 2024 and 2025 for the delivery of spare parts and replacement means of communication.

The entire contract period begins on the day the contract is awarded and ends on December 31, 2025. The communications equipment must be delivered by February 25, 2024.

Questions about the tender can only be sent by email zdi-ausscription@matrix-gmbh.de be directed. Bidding questions are due by 15.12.2023 authorized. The answers to the then anonymized questions will be published on 18.12.2023 published here.

The details of the contractor's service modules can be found in the tender documents: